Saturday, March 17, 2012

it was a bit chili's last nite....

being a bit corny like my hubby...

last night we were planning to go to red lobster to celebrate our 3rd year anniversary.
but didn't go as planned.
so we went to chili's for dinna...

i surely did not eat healthy either...
which made me feel real gluttonous (sp?)...
if i had known that the quesadilla explosion salad had fried torilla chips, i would have had them exclude it out.
ya live and learn i guess.
it was tasty though, love the dressing and the corn relish.
next time also will have the dressing on the side.

anyway, today for lunch we're heading to red lobster.
then hit the mall to pick up our potttery.
and shop a lil too.

it is actually "chilly" out right now, gonna have to bundle up.

have a good one!

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