Wednesday, January 27, 2010

then & now....old & new skewl...

was going thru some old photos and found one of me, my sis and mom back in the day when we 1st got stationed in the philippines...and of course i just had to scrap it along with a modern pic of us.  the journaling on this lo notes:  "i can't believe how much time has gone by and how many changes we have gone through. time has definitely been on our side."

used the LRS Jan. 2010 kit, love American Crafts!

here's some then & now sumthinz:

mom, jo...i love you 2 so much!

Saturday, January 23, 2010


get ur mind out of the gutter ok?!? lol!  it's the # for the Pencil Lines sketch that i did an lo on just recently it is:

lovely lil thangz:

gonna have some breakfast, organize my files (haven't filed in months!) and then head to a couple of b-ball gamez!  have a great saturday!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Take Cover to Hawaii

well i did this lo for a challenge on PageMaps...their 2010 page call...didn't win the 50 buckos but i'm glad i did the it is... i can finally post it...

some hawaii details:

enjoy!  tfl!

Monday, January 18, 2010

me? a creative diva?

omgoodness!  i just checked my email today and got a message from one of my scrappin' idols - Sasha Holloway:

made my day!  i know this sounds cliche but i'm her biggest fan! yey-yah!

Monday, January 11, 2010

i scream for ice cream!

i used the Inspired Blueprints sketch #39 and submitted today to 3rd challenge sketch since this past friday.  i'll be doing more challenges in the near future just so i keep my scrappin mojo goin...

here's my take:

and now for yummy icy sweet delights:

now do you feel like getting ice cream now?

Saturday, January 9, 2010

i love these girls!

well it's a beautiful saturday, just finished donating a bunch of stuff from our other house to get it prepped for rental.  but before we did that i managed to do an LO to start the day.  i used the AMM January 2010 kit for this one:

a few beautiful girly details:

i just submitted this one to Pencil Lines for sketch #168.

off to the other house to grab some stuff and put it somewhere in this house...we'll see where we can fit it in. peace!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Sunday, January 3, 2010

changes i have been goin thru...

first off...a new look for my likez?  just thought i try a cleaner look this time and hook it up with a few thangz i like. considering putting a slideshow of my artwork. just gotta figure out how to do that.

plus....last hubz bought me a car!!!!!  my other car w/c i owned for almost 10 yrs was startin 2 b/come high maintenance, if ya know what i mean?  traded that in & got us a 2010 Toyota Corolla S (the sporty one). yey-yah! don't have pix right now, but as soon as light comez, i'll take some.  now my hubz feels betta that i and our lil girliez will be in a safe, reliable, (new smellin car)!  it feels good.

today is call the insurance co, take down the xmas decor, prep up the other house day. gotta also show the fam the new ride.  lol!

well have a great sunday and i'm off to surf and maybe make some addies on my blog.


Saturday, January 2, 2010

2010....drum roll please....

well it's officially a new yr!  isn't it great?  lol!  my hubz just dropped off our lil one and he'z on his way back except he's got stop over @ portland, 3 hr layover, yuck!  she'll be back at the the end of march for spring break.  it'll be here once we know it!  time has been going by sooooo fast!

anyway, i don't make resolutions, but i do try to make new goals for myself and try my best to accomplish them.  here it goes:

- lose 10 lbs by this summer
- make sure to spend more time with the family before June
- get published scrapwise
- post on my blog more often
- join a design team
- take on a few scrap challenges (i did once last yr on pencillines)
- jog more
- get my house rented it out by feb or march
- go to a CK conference in CA (we're moving there the end of June)
- keep making my hubz happy
- spend more QT with maiya
- keep in touch w/ friends better even if it means doing it on fb, email, my blog, phone calls, etc..just do it!
- keep scrappin of course!
- get a new job by Sept
- start trying to have a baby *wink!* late this yr
- scrap scrap scrap  heehee (had to put that in again)
- organize my pictures and save them on CD's
- organize my scrap space

well it's more than i thought...hmmm...aiming to accomplish the majority of course!  what r ur goals for this yr and beyond?