Sunday, January 3, 2010

changes i have been goin thru...

first off...a new look for my likez?  just thought i try a cleaner look this time and hook it up with a few thangz i like. considering putting a slideshow of my artwork. just gotta figure out how to do that.

plus....last hubz bought me a car!!!!!  my other car w/c i owned for almost 10 yrs was startin 2 b/come high maintenance, if ya know what i mean?  traded that in & got us a 2010 Toyota Corolla S (the sporty one). yey-yah! don't have pix right now, but as soon as light comez, i'll take some.  now my hubz feels betta that i and our lil girliez will be in a safe, reliable, (new smellin car)!  it feels good.

today is call the insurance co, take down the xmas decor, prep up the other house day. gotta also show the fam the new ride.  lol!

well have a great sunday and i'm off to surf and maybe make some addies on my blog.


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