Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Well well well look what I did....

Here's a few layouts I've done during this nice long 4th of July weekend:

Me, my sis and my mom:

the cute cousins after slippin and slidin:

the kids right before they went for a swim at Great Wolf:

Save the best for last, Maiya:

Please Forgive my forgetfulness...

My babez has 75 days til he's back home! woohoo!!! I can hardly wait!

I do have to say something...I've been forgetful lately of some important things and one thing I did forget...was my captain! Congrats babez! I love you and adore you!

Here's one for you babez:

The secret ingredient in life is love...

Friday, July 3, 2009

Sad to Hear Memory Makers is Gone!

Unfortunately, one of the scrapbooking magazines I subscribed to is ceasing publication due to the economy. So sad. They also had to cancel the 2010 Memory Makers Masters competition. I was going to enter this one, my very 1st one! I haven't even scrapped the main page with the theme of "My Life..." But I still will anyway. But here are the potential, additional ones that I was going to submit:

1: me, my sis and our BF, risa. we have gone through so much together since college and now we have babies. well risa is going to have 1st baby boy!
2: my daughter and my niece. 2 sweet angels and the only girlies in our immediate family. so adorable!
3: my daughter after a wedding. she just had to hold the bouquet!
4: my sis. a tribute to her and how grateful I am that she is in my life.