Sunday, December 29, 2013


yes...i am forty-2 as of 12.26.13!
woke up early before everyone...
had my breakfast and milk coffee...
put on my new zumba gear...
and headed to zumba class and danced my bootay off!
what a way to start out the day!

came home to my familia and got this...

then had a late lunch con mi familia here...

proscuitto fig pizza..yumm-o!

and the rest of the night, just me and them (maiya was in WA at the time)...

i made this the night before (good thing i did because i couldn't wake up early on my bday morning)...
i used the cocoa daisy december "home again" kit.

my biggest accomplishments this past year:

  • getting my license as a zumba instructor
  • getting to teach a few songs at the base gyms
  • studying for my ACE Group Fitness Certification
  • doing my first zumbathon on 11.23.13
  • getting an offer to teach at the arctic oasis community center on base
  • networking and making new zumba friends and instructors
can u say "zumba cra-cra???
yes...i am!

what i want to accomplish this coming year?
  • pass my ACE exam
  • lose 5 - 10 lbs by this coming summer
  • be the best zumba instructor i can be
  • get back into scrapbooking
  • do my project life albums
  • update my blog
i'm gonna get there too!

just wanna say thank you so much to my family and close friends who have supported me throughout this Z journey, especially to my hubby and my daughter, maiya!  
i love you so much!


Sunday, December 8, 2013

c & me

Sharing a page....
It's been too long since I did one...
Used the cocoa daisy October kit "sweater weather."

Tuesday, December 3, 2013's been 5 months!!!

it's been way too long!
i haven't been blogged since july.
let's see to sum it up...
we moved to alaska and we're loving it.
it's real winter here folks!
real snow, real cold, real lovin' it.
what have i been up to these past months?
well i'm finally finalizing my scrap area...
so just maybe i can get back into scrappin.
i have been studying for my ACE group fitness certification and will be taking the exam in february.
been doing zumba lots and lots.
been teaching a few songs during other ladies' zumba classes.
trying to zumba network and it's worked.
met some wonderful Z galz.
gonna be a full-time zumba instructor starting january 2014 at the arctic oasis community center at the base.
i guess you could say i have been so zumba-focused.
also been busy at home, always doing something.

well it's picture time.
haven't been taking as many as i used to but i still take when i can....

some of my Z girls and me after the zumbathon (my 1st ever!)

found this pic while doing some organizing...

found this one too, me & my bff
hoping to get back into blogging, scrapping, project life.
time will tell.

Friday, July 5, 2013

happy wuteva!

happy wuteva!
happy belated father's day!
way late!
happy 4th of july!

we're here in WA since last sunday.
loving the time spent with family.

been zumba-ing it and did some yoga.
i gotta a couple of runs in this week too (the one using my feetsies, not the other kind...heehee).
one solo and one with my hubz at heritage park.

2 lunch dates in a row.

discovered a new coffee place in olympia after today's lunch date...

learned how to skateboard today too!

tonight is zumba night with my sis & zumba buddies.

i really needed this vacay.
it's been fun, tiring, relaxin, etc etc.

i even got a little project life scrapping in too.
haven't taken any photos of it, but just happy i got some time of it in this week.
not sure when i'll share.

but i do got something to share.
it's late, but it's something i did for my hubby for this past father's day...

i'm off to dance the night away & enjoy the rest of vacay time.
til wheneva!

Friday, June 28, 2013

WA & we come!!!!

yup...thats right!
we are moving outta edwards afb, ca!!!!
after 3 years, its time to get the effin outta hea!
we cleaned the house hard and past the inspection with flying colors!
one more day in this "military hotel" and we are off to wa tomorrow morning.

but i do wanna share a few things we have done in the past few weeks since my last post...

drytown waterpark, 6/12/13, our last cali water adventure...

our goth girls, 6/13/13...
a little eyeliner goes a long way...

6/15/13, our attempt for a family portrait, twice...
kinda successful, kinda not...
oh well...

guitar time for maiya, 6/15/13...

mrs certified zumba instructor, 6/16/13...

right before zumba class, 6/17/13...
you like my 1st zumba shirt???
i do..

maiya made taekwondo black belt...
so proud of her!!!

missing being a family of 5, 6/16/13...
maiya left for 6 weeks this summer to wa on 6/22/13...
miss her so much!

i guess this can count as a family portrait...
kinda love it...

it'll be awhile again for another post...
will be traveling tomorrow all day stopping in redding..
then next day, dub-A here we come!
can hardly wait to see my familia...
and so some zumba in lacey!