Friday, July 5, 2013

happy wuteva!

happy wuteva!
happy belated father's day!
way late!
happy 4th of july!

we're here in WA since last sunday.
loving the time spent with family.

been zumba-ing it and did some yoga.
i gotta a couple of runs in this week too (the one using my feetsies, not the other kind...heehee).
one solo and one with my hubz at heritage park.

2 lunch dates in a row.

discovered a new coffee place in olympia after today's lunch date...

learned how to skateboard today too!

tonight is zumba night with my sis & zumba buddies.

i really needed this vacay.
it's been fun, tiring, relaxin, etc etc.

i even got a little project life scrapping in too.
haven't taken any photos of it, but just happy i got some time of it in this week.
not sure when i'll share.

but i do got something to share.
it's late, but it's something i did for my hubby for this past father's day...

i'm off to dance the night away & enjoy the rest of vacay time.
til wheneva!

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