Wednesday, December 30, 2015

12.29.15 WITL

here's for yesterday's WITL...again i documented all photos (not all shown here) i shot on my FB page in a private album....

today's agenda:
  • maiya's dental cleaning appointment (hopefully the power is back on in eagle river)
  • possibly going to the mall (i may just have to get that dark blue ruffled shirt at banana republic)
  • teach my Zumba class tonight

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

witl + sick child

witl = Ali Edwards' Week in the Life

sick child = Selene

our lil one has been sick since Xmas Eve after coming back from the ER for my hubby's nose injury.  poor guy.  he's okay, just bruised up and possible scarring.  but he's ok.  but 5 minutes before he was done, a little girl with her mom came into to check in at the ER and she was coughing up a storm.  i was like oh no and thinking selene is gonna catch it and but i hope she doesn't. and a little after we got home, selene started feeling crappy. then it was off and on since then. she was doing really good Sunday, but later that night she was not herself.  so she has been just wanting to stay in bed.  slight fever that goes away once medicated. one night she was coughing non-stop and hubby found something on the internet about putting Vicks Vapor Rub on her feet and then socks.  believe or not, it worked along with her night cough medicine and slept soundly.  but yesterday and today, no play, just lots of sleeping, medicine, water and popsicles (that's all she can seem to be in the mood to eat).  poor baby.  hoping and praying she gets out of this rut soon.  i miss seeing her being happy go lucky.

on another note, i decided to participate in another Week in the Life from 12/26/15 thru 1/1/16. perfect timing since we are currently a family of 5 for this week.  so, it made sense to do it this week. i actually created a private album in my FB account and documented those photos this way.  here are a highlight of my photos (not all shown):

12.26 Saturday

12.27 Sunday

12.28 Monday

i'll post my 12.29 and on later this week.

i know this is not the actual week but oh well, doing this on my own.  hoping next time Ali Edwards does another WITL, i'll be on time.  hahahhaaha.  I can hardly wait to get all my photos printed out, put them in an album, journaling and minimal embellishments and see the end result.

why do i do this?  because it makes me notice things that i don't usually pay attention to and appreciate my everyday moments not just the big events that happen.  and i have something documented in photos and words for my kids and grandkids and other family members and close friends to look at what life was like from my viewpoint.  why do you do it?

Saturday, December 26, 2015


oh yes, i did one... happy 44 to me!  aaa-oo!!!

detailed but still clean & simple. see...i'm trying to embrace my inner minimalist.

and yesterday, i worked on de-cluttering my scrap stuff...BIG time!  i just combined and organized all my cocoa daisy kits i was keeping in a big bin. finally got all the supplies out of those plastic/brown bags. getting rid of stuff i know for sure i will never ever use or are just not my style.  see all of those lined up on my table and on the floor...those are the ones i'm keeping.  aaah it feels good to be a semi-minimalist of my supplies.

and this is what happened too yesterday...

a visit from santa

after playing, she went back to sleep...

my first ever attempt of making homemade cherry-strawberry pie...

caught hubby cutting up his prime rib he just got hot out of the oven...

and just around the neighborhood on xmas afternoon...

have a good one!  and i'll be going to someone's zumba class, just gonna be a student for a change and then our 2 teenagers come home today!  yes...the family of 5 again!