Friday, January 28, 2011

a lil sneak to peek

just wanted to share a sneaky peeky of the ScrapTiffany reveal that will go live on february 1:

have a great weekend!

lil thangz are yum....

it's friday!
aren't you happy?
i am!

on a very happy note, here are some yumm-o lil thangz that matter to me...

i know i have already shared one for 1-24, but here's another one just b/c they were yumm-o:

a nice bowl of some red, juicy, sweet-tart cherries.

1-25, my bump and my size 5 lil feetsies in cute flats my sissie bought awhile back for me:

1-26, candles w/ a fresh scent always puts me in a cheerful mood:

1-27, some new try-outs on some new recipes, orange-balsamic glazed chicken and then lemon risotto:

ya gotta try these, omigosh, unbelievably yumm-o!

1-28, saving the best for last for this post....dropping off my lil boo at school...she's been into ponytails and hair buns lately:

well i'm off to watch a lil tv, take a nap and put in some scrappy time.

happy happy joy joy.

Monday, January 24, 2011

an album about a mama

yesterday i finally finished up my album project.
it's a nice one about mama'z day last year on 5.8.2010.
i think it took me about almost 2 weeks to do it.
that's because i did it little by little.
inserted the photos one day.
took a little break.
then another day cut up the patterned papers to size.
a little longer break.
added punched heart embellies, a lil doodling, and journaling.
another lil break.
and finished it up.
aaaaaaahhhhhh, finally.

and here's just a few pages from the album:

materials:  autumn leaves, hero arts, ek success, uniball signo, aleene's

the album cover is just a simple album and you can see it here.

and now i've got something in one place to look back on.


these past few dayz....

...was pretty much more of relaxin and chillin w/ my lil boo.
we didn't go anywhere except to the commissary.
but it was really nice to not travel and sleep in.
it was nice to just be able to be in our bathrobes and just bum out for a change.

a few 365 photo joints to share:

1-21, uploaded photoshop on my laptop and started using this as a starting point (yes, i am a dummies fan!):

1-22, it's been awhile for me & lil boo pic:

1-23, finally got this album done (you can click here for a view of the completed project, whew!):

and lastly for today's shot, 1-24, some of my fave stamps i used for the album i did yesterday:

it's nice to be able to start something and finish even if it takes you awhile.

relief and happiness.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

sun + cupcakes + baby stuff

i'm in my 7th month of preggo-ness.
a sudden change in sleepy time too.
i wake every so often then go back to sleep.
but lately the past 2 weeks, i've been having a hard time with it.
it's getting more uncomfy at night to sleep nowadays.
i've been finding myself taking some mornings naps right after i drop off my lil boo at school.
what a change.
my mom called this morning too to see how i'm doing.
she said yup, this is time you'll get more tiredsome.
i do remember going thru something like this w/ lil boo too.
but i am trying my best to exercise when i can.
been listening to my body, my limits.
can hardly wait til this lil bun is out of the oven.


sharing some photo love from the past few days...

1-18, sunny afternoon with a dried out tree in front of our house,'s beautiful:

1-19, some yummo, purple cupcakes (my lil boo created the yummo color!)....oh yeah!:

1-20, today, did some laundry, especially baby stuff.  forgot how tiny they can be, but oh so cute:

my niece picked out the polka dot and the ruffled ones...
she's got great style!

much love.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

ScrapTiffany Tuesday Tutorial....

by me!

do you wanna know how to make this party favor?:

check out these photos on what to do:

here's what ya need...

stamp your fave design:

adhere once to create a tube:

then adhere one of the ends like this, fill up with anything you like:

then again adhere the other side like this to create a 3-dimensional triangle:

punch a hole one of the closed ends and weave a ribbon thru it like this:

on another piece of cardstock, stamp a sentiment & cut out:

attach w/ adhesive like this:


a cute party favor for your guests or,
you can even use it for a gift for a special someone!

for more specific step-by-step instructions, go check out my tutorial on ScrapTiffany today!

thanks for stopping by!


Monday, January 17, 2011

only girl @ 39

guess who turned 39 last month?


oh yeah!


datz me!

as a tradition, i always do an lo on my special day.
i used rihanna's song "only girl" as part of my title.

darn i didn't get around doing an lo that same day i turned a year older.
blame it on laziness.
but i finally got to it.
check it out....

materials:  american crafts, october afternoon, lily bee, fiskars, ek success, uniball signo, joann's, janlynn

for the background, cut some strips from the ac & oa pp's, border punched one end and the other cut some triangles out.
wrapped some floss around my matted photos.
and for the final touch, did some doodling around it and on the ac letter stickers.

i especially love doin some scrappiness on a non-assignment note.

my family took me out to lunch to mercato's that day, the italian resto me & my hubby had our 1st wedding reception at.
click here for some birthday pix.

and to commemorate my bday and to the end this post..
i dedicate this to me...


a belated post happy birthday to me!

4-day weekend

last day of our 4-day weekend.
this day is a chillin' one, just like yesterday.

we went baby stuff shopping at target & sears with our xmas gift cards.
bought some baby goodies.
afterwards we headed over to olive garden for an early dinner.
i had the chianti braised short ribs and it was yumm-o.
decided to get something different for a change.
lil boo had the yumm-o spaghetti, her usual.

and now for some 365 photo-joint to share:

1-15, a bathroom break at macy's in palmdale (that bathroom is nice and clean):
dontcha just love my baby bump?

1-16, some boots my lil boo bought w/ her sears gift card, aren't they stylish?:
she wore them all night saturday and all day sunday.
she just loves them and can't wait to wear them to skewl.

another photo the same day, showing off the baby goodies i got from saturday:

1-17, some scrappiness my lil boo started from the night before:
glue gunning some buttons together on pp & cardstock and decorated plastic spoons of the family.
ain't that cute?

i did do some scrappiness myself...
but i'll share that on another separate post.


Saturday, January 15, 2011


today is ScrapTiffany's challenge based on a sketch by bev.

here's my take:

journaling:  we've been told by many that our little girls are total reflections of us.  like mama'z, like daughters...we are

here are the deetz to this cute lo:

materials used:  crate paper, echo park, 7gypsies, amm kit

i have been meaning to do an lo based on a "mini-us" and finally got to do it with this challenge.
oh so fun!
oh so cute!

Be sure to pop on over and view some amazing LO's and cards by the design team.

If you would like to join our challenge, then send your projects to by January 30th and you will be entered
into the draw for a $25.00 gift card from

have a wonderful weekend!

Friday, January 14, 2011

sweet kiddie treat

a yumm-o craving of 5 w/ a nice cool drink of nonfat milk:

i love to dunk my oreo's in milk.
then eat it up!
my daughter loves to take it apart, eat the white cream, then the cookies.
how do you like to eat yours?

Thursday, January 13, 2011

homework, lil boo + a lil sissie bump

here's 2 for ya for today:

homework time:

big sissie & lil sissie (this one is going down as one of my favez):

aaaaahhhh sooo adorable!

my lil boo is gonna be a great big sis!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

grapefruit morning + a lil quiz

preggo-ness has definitely changed my tastebuds lately.

here's another craving of mine:

yumm-o grapefruit w/ just a lil wee bit of sugar.
cut-off the peel, segment, squeeze the yummy juice out of it.
and eat up!

going down as my 365 joint today!

and now for a quiz that tiffany did on ScrapTiffany today:

Where is your cell phone?
in my purse

your significant other?
miles away

your hair?

your mother?

your father?
just like my mom

your favorite thing?

your dream last nite?
taking a shower

favorite drink?
decaf hot honey lemon tea

your dream/goal?
a healthy baby

what room are you in?

your hobby?

your fear?

where do you want to be in 6 years?

where were you last nite?

something that you aren't?


wish list item?
to live in wa again

last thing you did?

what are you wearing?

of course!

your pets?


your life?
love it!

your mood?

missing someone?



your car?

something you're not wearing?

your favorite store?

your favorite color?

when is the last time you cried?
last week

where do you go to over & over?

my favorite place to eat?

favorite place i'd like to be right now?

answering with just one word for this quiz?
couldn't do it.
i'm a detailed person.

boy i'm getting hungry now.
what to eat, what to eat?

that is the question.


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

a sneak peek into daily life

oh my...
it's been awhile since i've posted, huh?
as soon as we got back from washington, i just had to relax.
relax back into the routine life in cali.
relax from bloggin'.
relax from a long trip which tired me out.
it's gotten more difficult to fly by plane being that i'm preggo.
doctor has now restricted air travel for me.
i can still drive.
well i have to...
to get to my ob appointments...
to get away from edwards for a bit.
i've had to push back the driver's seat a notch, b/c the bump is bumpin the steering wheel.
i may have to push it back again, a notch and then two laters.
more than that, i won't be able to reach the pedal!

anyway, why was i posting in the first place????
oh yeah!
i gotta share a few thangz with you.
a sneaky peeky...
then some daily photos from my 365 project joint.

1st up...a sneak into my latest project for ScrapTiffany:
this was a fun one to do.
especially since it had some great photos too...cute onez!

and here'z my 365:

1-2, hanging w/ ris & jo, my bff's, in tukwila, wa at southcenter mall:

1-3, at seatac airport w/ my lil boo while we wait for our flight back to cali (wearing our black suede boots):

1-4, a chocolate craving, meltaway hershey's kisses, yumm-o:

1-5, a lazy day with just me:

1-6, a nice view down of the bump:

1-7, a yumm-o lunch of garlic shrimp and jasmine rice, another preggo craving:

1-8, the drive before heading to palmdale...these are the lake beds as you get out of edwards afb:

1-9, i finally got to frame one of my fave lo's in a shadow box (my hubby got for me for xmas):

1-10, a moment of silence for the victims of the arizona shooting tragedy:

1-11, love the reflection of the mountains against the lake beds as i was on my way back home from doing a glucose test:

i was thinking of doing the whole 365 b & w...
but then, i thought...
why restrict myself.

i'm gonna try my best to post my 365 on a daily basis.
if i don't, no worries.
i'll get to posting them no matter what.

have a good one until next time!