Monday, January 24, 2011

these past few dayz....

...was pretty much more of relaxin and chillin w/ my lil boo.
we didn't go anywhere except to the commissary.
but it was really nice to not travel and sleep in.
it was nice to just be able to be in our bathrobes and just bum out for a change.

a few 365 photo joints to share:

1-21, uploaded photoshop on my laptop and started using this as a starting point (yes, i am a dummies fan!):

1-22, it's been awhile for me & lil boo pic:

1-23, finally got this album done (you can click here for a view of the completed project, whew!):

and lastly for today's shot, 1-24, some of my fave stamps i used for the album i did yesterday:

it's nice to be able to start something and finish even if it takes you awhile.

relief and happiness.

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