Monday, January 17, 2011

4-day weekend

last day of our 4-day weekend.
this day is a chillin' one, just like yesterday.

we went baby stuff shopping at target & sears with our xmas gift cards.
bought some baby goodies.
afterwards we headed over to olive garden for an early dinner.
i had the chianti braised short ribs and it was yumm-o.
decided to get something different for a change.
lil boo had the yumm-o spaghetti, her usual.

and now for some 365 photo-joint to share:

1-15, a bathroom break at macy's in palmdale (that bathroom is nice and clean):
dontcha just love my baby bump?

1-16, some boots my lil boo bought w/ her sears gift card, aren't they stylish?:
she wore them all night saturday and all day sunday.
she just loves them and can't wait to wear them to skewl.

another photo the same day, showing off the baby goodies i got from saturday:

1-17, some scrappiness my lil boo started from the night before:
glue gunning some buttons together on pp & cardstock and decorated plastic spoons of the family.
ain't that cute?

i did do some scrappiness myself...
but i'll share that on another separate post.


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