Thursday, January 1, 2015

out with the old in with the new...

o mi gawsh!  its a new year!  yey-yah!  i'm so looking forward to this year.  i don't make resolutions. i make goals.  hmmm what's mine?

  • complete my CEC's before the end of this year
  • new Zumba/dance routines every month, at least one
  • get my credit card debt in check, pay it down every month (if i won the lottery, this would be the first thing i'd take care of)
  • keep improving my relationships, both personal and Zumba-wise
  • make a Zumba commercial for my Zumba FB page by the end of winter or earlier (i may have a hookup on that, one of my students is into photography and videography!)
  • scrapbook at least one page per month
  • complete a few project life layouts every other week
  • do my Zumba record keeping on a regular basis

thats just a few of them...

i turned 43 this past December 26!  and i created this layout especially for this moment.... used one of the cocoa daisy kits of course...just listed my accomplishments this past year of my life.

i got these on my day too...

spent my day with these peeps, my fave peeps in the whole wide world...and we ate at Spenard Roadhouse and i had one of my faves there...

a little last selfie before the night was over....

perfect ending.