Tuesday, July 31, 2012

it's so nice having her back home

i'm so happy she is back home with us.
we've been enjoying the rest of the summer together too.
we've been busy busy.
car appointments, ortho appointment tomorrow.
school clothes & supplies shopping done.
swimming at the sonic splash pool and a trip to drytown waterpark last weekend.
it's been fun.

and fun taking photos of her too.

here are the final days of my july photo-a-day joint:

dayz 21 thru 31...

(sorry for the rotations, still can't figure out why they're not posting here in the correct angle after editing them to rotate the right way...hmmmm....if you have any suggestions, please feel free to let me know)...

"9 o'clock" was zumba time every saturdays mornings!

 "upside" maiya home from WA

"mirror" school clothes shopping at old navy...

"stranger" in the background at the commissary...

"heart"...they are my 2 lovelies...

"sunshine" at the sonic splash pool by the slide...

"on the road"...taking a quick stroll together....

"cup" of my milk coffee...no selene you can't have any!  lol!

"last thing i bought"...running shoes for maiya...
for school and her 1st 3K...
(she wants to do the santa monica 5000 3K for kids this october!)

"calm" after a car appointment, school clothes & supplies shopping...
i bought her her 1st BOP & seventeen magazines at the bx...
she is so into "one direction" (the boy band) right now...

and lastly...
"toothbrush"...a finger toothbrush w/ some elmo toothpaste...
she knows the routine...
i tell her it's brush the teeth time
and she sits down by the mirror by our sink area...
yes...she bites sometimes.

you know what i just thought of and noticed about these photos?
well i have been using my iphone for them this whole month.
the one's i actually filter using my apps on my phone seem to post here the right way.
the one's i don't filter/edit using my apps did not angle out so great.
so my solution:  filter and edit using the aviary & filtermania 2 apps, then post.
a solution to every problemo!

tomorrow is august!
can u believe it?
and i'll be participating in the august photo-a-day challenge.
i'm getting the hang of it and it's become part of my routine & life.
here is the list:

are you gonna play too?
hope so!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

6.69 miles...i ran this...

i beat my 6.30 record!
i ran 6.69 miles this morning!
i ran road 1st, then hit the track 8x=2 miles, then road.
tomorrow is a well deserved rest day.
tuesday will be an easy run or even a walk and some weight training.

i can not believe how this has been an addiction of mine.
never in a million years i thought i could run so far.
but i'm doing it.
and i'm gonna keep going.


run jennay run!

Friday, July 27, 2012

6.30 miles...i ran this...

on july 24, 2012...
i ran...
6.30 miles!

i beat my goal of 6.0 miles by aug. 31st!!!!
i went beyond that!

i use the runkeeper to track my runs & walks.
i love this app.
it not only tracks your miles, your total time, but it also does your avg/mile, calories burned, current pace, shows a google map of where you ran/walked which also shows you each mile marker, then also tracks your min/mile at each mile you hit.
so cool!

this morning, i ran 4.09 miles at 48:35.
i beat my 4 mile time by about 4 minutes!
i worked on speed this morning by doing a 10 minute jog, then 20 faster strides, then a minute of a recovery jog, then 20, recovery, etc for the remainder of my run.
i'll be taking it a lil easy since now i know i can do 6 miles+.
my goal now is to work on speed and elevation (going up & down hills).
then once a week, hit 6 miles+.
i run every other day and the days i don't, i go for walks/weight training/light exercises.
my official rest day is monday where i absolutely don't do anything or at least do some stretches.
getting closer to losing more of the baby weight.
hubby has been telling me my calves are getting more defined/muscular, especially in heels.
wink wink.

i am so ready for my 10K in october in santa monica (santa monica 5000)!!!!

run jennay run!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

41 years today

my parents have been married 41 years as of today!
they have a great relationship!

they got this card yesterday...
so now i can share it...

with lots of detailz...

used the july 2012 cocoa daisy kit.
also used some punches from fiskars, ek success & martha stewart.
of course the doodling around the letter stickers makes 'em pop.

happy anniversary mom & dad!
we love you!

Monday, July 23, 2012

happiness & a friendship

this past saturday night as you know i got to scrap a couple of layouts...

this guy makes me happy...

and this friendship has lasted for over 25 years, and counting...
this is my sis, jo, and our friend, yvette (her bff)...
i love them big time!

cocoa daisy kits of course for both.
added my doodling touches here & there.
i just feel they're not complete without it.

i'll be sharing one card this week for an anniversary.
and another card for a birthday next month.
have to resist the temptation to share now since they have not received it just yet.
i can't wait to share...

see ya!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

my 1st mini vacay..."me time"

i did it!
i checked into the embassy suites last night in palmdale for some much needed "me time" vacation.
felt guilty at 1st and was a bit nervous leaving my fam and not being with them.
i got thru it and i'm so happy i did it.
the room was really nice, actually a 2-room with a king size bed.

the 1st room, living/dining...

the kitchenette & dining/scrap room...heehee

the bedroom...hmmm doesn't really look king size...oh well!

the bathroom was a really nice one...love the crabtree & evelyn products!

cool view of lobby from my floor...

surfing the net after a run on the treadmill & a complimentary breakfast...
i brought along some of my scrap stuff.
i created one card and 2 layouts...
here's a sneaky peeky...

1st a bday card...

2nd, the 1st layout...

3rd, the 2nd layout...

scrapped a lil over 6 hours w/ tiny breaks while watching movies on showtime.
also got some uploading of a bunch of photos to snapfish at the same time.
got some starbucks and darn it the dang thang kept me awake til 2 a.m.!
oh well!
went for a treadmill run, a short one of 1.60 miles in the hotel's fitness center.
then had their complimentary breakfast.
showered up, make-up...
chilled in the room, while uploading more photos, editing photos, surfing blogs while watching the SATC marathon...
lunch at panera bread (had the mediterranean veggies sandwich & black bean soup).
maybe walk around the mall (big maybe!)..
head over to starbucks, maybe.
then drive to burbank to pick up maiya from the airport.
she comes home tonight!!!!
more fun in the summer with her!

i see another "me time" vacay in the future.
in the wayyyyy future....
because i really miss my family.

thank you hubby for letting me do this.
i love you.

Friday, July 20, 2012

these are signs of good things to come

day 16 thru 20....
some photos to share...
loving this months's photo-a-day thang....

"sign"...that she dances like her mama (sheez i don't know why this rotated, ah well!)

"my addiction"....running...getting closer to my goal of 6

"plate"...she keeps ours full on the daily!
"animal/insect/pet"...the goldfish cracker is close enough...(i'm getting irritated why my photos don't rotate right!)

"eyes"...right after my 5.33 mile run earlier this a.m.!!!
this a.m. was a good run!
i beat my 4.44 with a 5.33 mile one!
i coulda kept going too especially after having the energy gu!
i should have not turned that one corner too early.
should have kept going.
prob woulda reached 5.50 miles if i did.
oh well!
next time!
i'm definitely getting closer to my 10K goal...
way earlier than i anticipated of august 31st!
must keep going, must keep going!

lil one is taking a nap while i type away while i watch reruns of laguna beach on mtv.
they finally put my mtv back on the line!

after her nap, gonna head over to the dry cleaners...
then have her swim in her new pool we got her from toys r us last night.
she'll love it!

tomorrow i'll be checking into a nice hotel for some me weekend time.
my 1st time to do this.
i'm excited and a lil nervous.
but it's time needed and well-deserved.
may do some scrapping, watch a movie, etc.
we'll see.
then the next night gotta pick maiya from the airport.

have a great friday and weekend!