Friday, July 20, 2012

these are signs of good things to come

day 16 thru 20....
some photos to share...
loving this months's photo-a-day thang....

"sign"...that she dances like her mama (sheez i don't know why this rotated, ah well!)

"my addiction"....running...getting closer to my goal of 6

"plate"...she keeps ours full on the daily!
"animal/insect/pet"...the goldfish cracker is close enough...(i'm getting irritated why my photos don't rotate right!)

"eyes"...right after my 5.33 mile run earlier this a.m.!!!
this a.m. was a good run!
i beat my 4.44 with a 5.33 mile one!
i coulda kept going too especially after having the energy gu!
i should have not turned that one corner too early.
should have kept going.
prob woulda reached 5.50 miles if i did.
oh well!
next time!
i'm definitely getting closer to my 10K goal...
way earlier than i anticipated of august 31st!
must keep going, must keep going!

lil one is taking a nap while i type away while i watch reruns of laguna beach on mtv.
they finally put my mtv back on the line!

after her nap, gonna head over to the dry cleaners...
then have her swim in her new pool we got her from toys r us last night.
she'll love it!

tomorrow i'll be checking into a nice hotel for some me weekend time.
my 1st time to do this.
i'm excited and a lil nervous.
but it's time needed and well-deserved.
may do some scrapping, watch a movie, etc.
we'll see.
then the next night gotta pick maiya from the airport.

have a great friday and weekend!

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