Friday, July 27, 2012

6.30 miles...i ran this...

on july 24, 2012...
i ran...
6.30 miles!

i beat my goal of 6.0 miles by aug. 31st!!!!
i went beyond that!

i use the runkeeper to track my runs & walks.
i love this app.
it not only tracks your miles, your total time, but it also does your avg/mile, calories burned, current pace, shows a google map of where you ran/walked which also shows you each mile marker, then also tracks your min/mile at each mile you hit.
so cool!

this morning, i ran 4.09 miles at 48:35.
i beat my 4 mile time by about 4 minutes!
i worked on speed this morning by doing a 10 minute jog, then 20 faster strides, then a minute of a recovery jog, then 20, recovery, etc for the remainder of my run.
i'll be taking it a lil easy since now i know i can do 6 miles+.
my goal now is to work on speed and elevation (going up & down hills).
then once a week, hit 6 miles+.
i run every other day and the days i don't, i go for walks/weight training/light exercises.
my official rest day is monday where i absolutely don't do anything or at least do some stretches.
getting closer to losing more of the baby weight.
hubby has been telling me my calves are getting more defined/muscular, especially in heels.
wink wink.

i am so ready for my 10K in october in santa monica (santa monica 5000)!!!!

run jennay run!

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