Sunday, August 28, 2011

life as i know it

last monday was the 1st day of school for my lil boo, maiya.
this whole week was crazy for her too...already.
lots of paperwork for me to read and sign.
she had to gather more supplies.
she had to gather art supplies for a personal board she did this past friday.
but all in all, she had a great school week.
i was just tired and pooped out.
but i did manage to get a couple of great shots of maiya on her 1st day.

these are definitely going down as some of my fave photos of her.
i love how the sun is shining on her beautiful face in the 1st one.
in the 2nd, i love how the sun shines on the side.
too cute.

selene started touching her toes mid-august, 8/19/2011, to be exact.

she also rolled from her back to her tummy this past week, on 8/25/2011, a thursday, to be exact.
she also started sucking her toes this past week, 8/26/2011, to be exact.
she's done a lot too this past week and month!
she is growing too fast!
but that's a good thing too.
because i can't wait til she can start sitting, then crawling, then walking!
i'm sooooo excited!

look who got a hold of my camera while i got my haircut?

my hubz...
one of the many reasons why i love him so much.

as for myself..
i've got a goal to lose the baby fats of 20 lbs by the end of January 2012.
5 lbs per month.
i finally started working out again this past week.
did a walk/jog on the treadmill twice.
a workout to an old episode of gilad.
strength workout with the medicine ball.
and definitely some simple but effective pilates abs.
that's my goal and i'm sticking to it!

and on scrappy note...
here's a sneaky peeky of what's coming up on 9.1.2011 on Sassy Lil' Sketches:

loved how it turned out!
and you will too.
stay tuned!

Friday, August 19, 2011

august is about birthdays

2 special birthdays this month,
and 2 special cards too.
one for my niece, yanni,
and another for my nephew,sergio.

here they are:



for yanni'z, i used a previous kit from amm.
used one of my newest butterfly & cornflower punches from martha stewart.
i love her!
also combined 2 border punches together, ek success and fiskars.
a new discovery on my part on using my border punches a little further.
combinations are always a good thang.

for sergio'z, guess what i used for the purple & white circles?
i cut them out of a "similac baby formula" envelope.
clever huh?
i love that polka dot pp by american crafts.
i've had it in my stash for quite sometime and had used it once before on a layout awhile back.
anchored those punched shapes with some dimensional foam adhesive.
love the colors of this card, yellow & purple.
yellow & purple for the la lakers, who are one of his fave b-ballin' teamz.
he'll enjoy this one.

happy birthday you 2 cutie'z!
as from the song by black eyed peas:
hugz & kisses, hugz & kisses, x & o'z, x & o'z.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

{ 4 months } & she's back!

selene turned 4 months a week ago.
she is a little over 12 lbs, w/c i'm surprised b/c she seems more than that.
22.7" long now.
healthy as can be.
we went to her 4 month check-up appointment last tuesday.
all is good.
dr had suggested to wait til she's ready to eat rice cereal.
no real point of having in her stomach when there's no nutritional value.
i don't feel so bad now.
i'm going to wait, dr's orders.

and some other great news...
my other lil boo, maiya, is back home with us!
school is starting next monday.
she's excited!
but for now, it's still vacay time and we're trying our best to take full advantage of it.

here's selene and maiya during last week's appointment:

time is flying by!!!!!

i've got some more posting to do.
i've been so out of it since we left for florida and came back home.
sorry about that.
got some cards and a layout to post soon.
hopefully i can also show off some florida pix too.
until then...
have a great day!

much love.