Tuesday, August 16, 2011

{ 4 months } & she's back!

selene turned 4 months a week ago.
she is a little over 12 lbs, w/c i'm surprised b/c she seems more than that.
22.7" long now.
healthy as can be.
we went to her 4 month check-up appointment last tuesday.
all is good.
dr had suggested to wait til she's ready to eat rice cereal.
no real point of having in her stomach when there's no nutritional value.
i don't feel so bad now.
i'm going to wait, dr's orders.

and some other great news...
my other lil boo, maiya, is back home with us!
school is starting next monday.
she's excited!
but for now, it's still vacay time and we're trying our best to take full advantage of it.

here's selene and maiya during last week's appointment:

time is flying by!!!!!

i've got some more posting to do.
i've been so out of it since we left for florida and came back home.
sorry about that.
got some cards and a layout to post soon.
hopefully i can also show off some florida pix too.
until then...
have a great day!

much love.

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