Sunday, May 29, 2011

so far so good... i think

i say i think because i'm pretty delirious right now.
i'm very sleep deprived.
my oldest daughter has been saying i look very tired.
i sure am.
having a baby to care of is hard work.
but it's well worth it.
especially when she starts smiling more often and even lets out a little giggle or 2.
i just say to myself:
once she gets older she'll sleep longer at night.
i'm sooooooooo grateful that my 9 yr old loves to help out with our lil 7 week old.
she changes her diaper,
she cuddles with her,
she tries to calm her down,
she feeds & burps her,
she comforts her.
but most of all,
she loves her.
and i think selene is so happy about that.
i know i am.
my hubby is a wonderful daddy too.
he takes over when he sees me stressing out,
he takes care of her,
he does all the baby stuff that she needs, just like my 9 yr old,
and more.
yes, there are times he gets stressed out too,
but hey, doesn't every parent of a cutey baby?
and of course the best of all,
he loves her unconditionally.
i love my hubby and my girls so much.
sometimes it's hard to explain.
i'm so grateful for what life has given to me so far and will keep giving me.

i'm definitely grateful school is out and it's a 4-day weekend holiday for my hubby.
altho' he's still in "work mode" during this time.
but we have managed to do stuff together since friday.
we got to go to a jethawks baseball game.
selene's 1st time at a b-ball game.
maiya's 2nd time (1st at a mariner's game in WA).
that was so much fun!
selene slept pretty much the whole time, all snuggled up in her sweater, blanket, and maiya's blanket.
it was cold and windy, but despite that, i enjoyed myself.

this will definitely be one of my fave photos:

 another going down as a fave photo and scrap-worthy:

 is this scrap-worthy or

yesterday to celebrate maiya getting a science award from school,
we went to the science center in LA:

great job maiya!
it was nice to get away on nice road trip with the family.

today was mostly a chill-chore-day.
laundry, bathroom cleaning, laundry, lunch, taking care of the family especially selene, chillin'.
hubby is gonna cook some beer can chicken tonight, yumm-o!
then watch a rental.
tonight is camp night with maiya.
i get to sleep the whole night too while hubby takes care of selene.
gotta catch up on my zzzzzz'z and spend some time with maiya alone.
i love my hubby for doing that for us.

tomorrow..not sure what we're doing...
but i think we plan on getting away from home again.
we'll see!

oh before i go, here's a sneaky peeky on an upcoming ScrapTiffany challenge:

i can hardly wait to til it's revealed and when i get to post it on here!
stay tuned til june 1st!

have fun on the rest of this holiday weekend and be safe!

Friday, May 20, 2011

lil foot, a head band, a feather, pottery dreams

another friday!
this week went so well and quick!
lil one is growing fast big time.

sharing some photo love...

cute foot...

head band love....well sorta....

feathers in the blue sky...(photo taken by my lil boo)...

pottery painting love & a red robin luncheon love w/ lil boo...

definitely will be doing some pottery love again in the future.

now it's time to start another great weekend!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

guilty, guilty....guilty

another ScrapTiffany challenge reveal!
today's theme:  guilty pleasures

i love pasta
i love starbucks
i love strawberry lemonade
i love lemon honey tea
i love all other kinds of stuff

check out my take on this fun challenge:

some guilty deetz too:

go check out the ScrapTiffany blog for other guilty pleasures creations from some fab-o-lous DT members!

me & my lil boo (9-yr old) are off to the mall to do some QT together:  lunch, painting pottery, and walking around the mall.

see ya!

Friday, May 13, 2011

time... so precious.. always has been for me...
...but more so nowadays...
...especially with a lil 1 month old...
...just finished taking a nice shower while she's sleeping...
...she still is as of this typing of this quick post...

well just wanted to share a quick sneaky peeky of the next ScrapTiffany challenge coming up this coming sunday, may 15th.
i'll have the full reveal then.
here's a lil peek...

used some crackle paint and spray ink on this layout.

see you laterz!

have a good friday!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

{ 1 month }

this lil one turned 1 month this past may 9th:

how time flies by so quickly!
just seemed like yesterday we were in the hospital.

i love you, selene.


Thursday, May 5, 2011

oh well it happens

well i have totally abandoned my 365 project joint.
i have accepted the fact that it's ok to abandon it since life has gotten busy during my last month of preggo-ness and then had my lil angel recently.
taking care of her has taken full priority.
that doesn't mean i haven't been taken pix.
i have.

here's a few i want to share:

a visit from the grandparents, their 1st time to meet selene...

being plain out silly in sun city, ca while visiting the girlz' great grandparents...

a couple of layouts i made a long time ago for my grandpa's 89th & 90th birthdays...
wow i forgot i made these for him...
but i was so happy to see them up on their wall...

and of course, i can't end this w/o some of our lovely lil angel...

these are definitely onez to scrap.

have a sunny thursday!