Saturday, December 31, 2011

my favez in 2-0-1-1

to end the year...
here are my favez...

b/c of the green & one of my fave photos...

b/c i love everything about this one...

b/c of the fun colors & design & one of my other fave photos...

b/c of the stamped background...

b/c hambly is one of my favez & this is my 1st layout of our selene...

b/c of the design & it's our 1st family portrait layout...

b/c it's not very often i do one of myself & love the colors & design...

b/c of the old skewl photo & this was a fun one to do...

b/c it's on canvas & i love this photo of my hubby & our selene...

and some fave cards of the year...

all b/c of the colors, use of my fave embellie, circles...

hoping in 2012 i'll scrap more.
this past year didn't do so much b/c of baby and other family life happenings.
maybe this coming year i'll join a design team if i can.
i'll be better at posting my work on my galleries too.
and maybe i'll send out my work to publications.
we'll see how next year goes, scrappy-wise.

i know for 2012 i will be:

  • organizing my scrap room better
  • scrapping more
  • learn how to use photoshop
  • going to some scrap event
  • practice my excel skillz using my new book i go from xmas
  • keeping in touch more with my really good friends
  • most importantly, spending even more time with family

there's more, but i can't think of 'em at this moment.

here's to the past year and the new one coming!

happy new year 2012!

Friday, December 30, 2011

bokeh, red velvet, & a lil boo

i love the bokeh technique.
i guess i had been doing it for quite sometime but didn't realize it.
didn't realize it was called "bokeh" to be quite honest.
hey at least i'm telling the truth and not acting like i know everything.

here's some i'd like to share:

xmas day bokeh...

sissie bokeh (that's my sis Jo!)...

apple bokeh...

fruit bokeh (at my good friend's, Anh's place)...

eggroll & pork noodle bowl bokeh...
anh made this for me while i came to visit.
i hadn't had REAL vietnamese food in soooooo long!
and it...was...yumm-o!
gained a pound or 2 with almost 2 bowls of it.
it was worth it.

and i have to share this...
this was one of the best red velvet cakes i've ever had.
a very small slice of it.
and can you believe it was made for kfc (by cafe valley)????
well it was and it was divinely yumm-o!

i did not feel guilty either!

and my lil boo, maiya, is coming home tomorrow morning...

i can hardly wait!


i haven't had a chance to scrap anything lately with the busy holidays.
i brought a scrapbook kit along with me here in lacey.
but i just haven't had a chance to use it.
i don't have any glue, so gotta buy some sometime soon.
i'm getting scrappy withdrawals.
hoping to share something someday before we go back to cali.
we'll see.

have a fun one!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

a lil circle of friends

...really good friends...
these galz are my besties for life and i love them so much..
jo (my sis), risa, and claire.

i was able to spend yesterday with them.
it was really nice to catch up and laugh.

thank you so much for your friendship, support, and love.

with claire (clarita!)...

with jo & risa...

with risa...


Saturday, December 24, 2011

per Starbx....

currently spending this wonderful time of the year with family here in lacey, wa...

just wanted to say from our familia to yours...

happy holidays!
hope you have a fun and safe one.

j, j, a, m, s, s

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

decked out

last xmas we really didn't do any xmas decor just b/c my hubby was deployed.
this xmas is different b/c he's home with us.
we put up the tree and decked the living and dining area a bit.

wanna see?

warning:  photo heavy...heehee..

the living room...

the dining room...

3 more days til we head to WA to celebrate the holidays with family.
can hardly wait!

gonna also be visiting a few friends that i haven't seen in a year or so.

holidays are acomin'!

Friday, December 16, 2011


a quickie post b/c my lil one is in her walker jeep crying her lungs out...
but hey that's one of the only ways i can have her in one spot while i'm doing a task...

a birthday card for my sis-in-law.
it was yesterday and gave her a quick call to say, "happy birthday!"

here's the card...

some of the deetz...

used an old amm kit for this one.
i don't usually do banners...
but decided to do one for this one b/c it just seemed to "fit."
punches, tone-on-tone.
my fave techz.

well gotta jet b/c lil one is getting impatient & wants my attention.

have a wonderful weekend!