Monday, December 5, 2011

and here's sierra...

introducing a new family member of ours....

we found her at the antelope valley animal adoption center just yesterday, 12.4.2011.
she's a german shephard mix.
a lil over a year old.
and she's a healthy girl.
so far her temperment is pretty good.
she's a pretty good dog.
very smart.

i'm so happy she's a part of our family.
and she will be for a very long time.

"hi!  my name is sierra!"

where did we get the name?
we actually had to work at it and come to an agreement.
we came up with koda, koa, shelby, athena, tisa, etc.
but we just couldn't get a good grasp on a name.
then i said to my hubby...
"what about one of your fave beers?"
(because he loves beer).
he looked at me and said..."sierra!"
and me and maiya both agreed.

sierra...welcome home.

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Katie said...

She is getting so big! And just so darling. :)