Friday, May 28, 2010


...miss this lil girl already....she's gonna be gone for 4 days...

...had some lunch at Hop Jack's w/ da hubby gonna have some dinner at Pho Saigon 8 with a couple of girlfriends tonight.  haven't seen them for almost 2 weeks now!  heard this place had some yumm-o grub. these shows....reality tv yey-yah! (altho' my hubz does not understand how i "can stand these shows") word searches...

...miss us 3 muskateers....i mean 3 hot ladies..heehee...

...wanted to post this my daughter made awhile back....obviously it runs in the family....a scrapbooker in the making.... ever so grateful for us...(babez, i know sometimes i can be 'grumpy' but i know you're happy with me still and i with you!  lol!)...

...want you to have a wonderful friday!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


well it's been awhile since i've posted an LO, huh?  (for all you newbies to scrapbooking, LO = layout).  actually it's been awhile since i've actually done one all together.  i didn't get a chance to do one this past weekend.  for one...i was not feeling too great and another i think i just needed to take a lil break and just get some creative mojo inspo by surfin blogs of some of my fave scrappy gals.  i have been addicted to amy tangerine's blog lately.  i really love how she puts her pages together.  they're so carefree and she always seems to make sure she adds lil memorabilia to them, which i totally miss doing.  i have truly learned from her that as long as you record the memory down as you like it and add a few embellies and your own touch, then every page will be your fave page.  she also does these lil mini albums which i am thinking of doing also. i was also inspired by her by getting back into writing and scrapping in my gratitude journal i had made over a year ago:
i'll try to post a few of the pages i've done in this journal soon.

today.....i did get a chance to create an LO.  i have been putting off doing our hawaii honeymoon album for too long.  i've committed to at least scrapping my fave photos before we move to cali.  hoping to have it finished by then.  here's the one i did today:
i used the Inspired Blueprints sketch #48 for this one.  we got a gift certificate from auntie linda to the Top of Waikiki resto, "The revolving restaurant with a view," literally.  we made reservations at 5 p.m., had an appetizer, our meal with coffee. omigooness!  it was yumm-o! you gotta eat there!

here a few of the little tidbitz:

here's one i did about 2 weekends ago, another one for the Hawaii Honeymoon album.  i cut up one of the menus from KoKo Cafe and added it my LO. love adding memorabilia to my pages now.
loving stamps nowadays, especially butterflies.  i created a visual triangle using them on this LO.

i highly recommend brunch at the KoKo Cafe if you are ever around that area.  yumm-o! we had eaten at another brunch place but it was nothing compared to this one.  i think we ate here about twice, or was it 3 times? anyhoo... you gotta eat there too!

i miss Hawaii....aaaahhhh.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

feeling much betta now...

throat is still doing the "ahem" but all in all i'm feeling way better than friday.

we went to red robin for dinner last nite and watched iron man 2, pretty good flick!  i recommend it.

we are definitely gonna watch this when ashley comes home:

we're gonna go meet up with these two cuties (and barney too!) for brunch/lunch at the cheesecake factory today:

can hardly wait to see my godson as i was not able to be there when he was born in las vegas baby! 

yey-yah!  have a wonderful sunday!

Friday, May 21, 2010

not feeling up to par today...

had such a hard time last night going to sleep, kept coughing and my throat was itchy...had to do a rite aid run for some cough medicine, ibuprofen and some milk and oj.

gonna keep this post short for today...but i did discover a cool website by going thru amy tangerine's blog.

The Pioneer Woman especially the photography part.  pretty good site.  will be referring to it often.

well i'm gonna get some rest, med up and drink lots of oj and hopefully be good by tomorrow night.

have a great friday.  ciao!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

just going a little!

i have decided to extend my 'everyday project' through the weekend, especially since my daughter will be with us plus we'll be seeing her godmother/one of my bff's this sunday for brunch.  my bff is taking a little vacay from las vegas and visiting fam and friends in seattle.  can hardly wait to see her!  yey-yah!

i was just going to do the project for seven days....but figured...what's another 4-5 days.  i'm actually feeling kind of under the weather throat has been bothering me since sunday.  yuck! but i am thinking that i'm not gonna let it get me down and may just go for a brisk walk with my camera and take a few shots around the neighborhood.  don't feel like jogging today, plus i don't want to put in my contacts.  my trendy glasses today will do....
juicy couture baby!  got a lot of compliments on these even online!  yey-yah!  thx baby boo for helping me choose these!

before i post anything else...just wanted to say...  i so admire and am inspired by this lil beauty:  kaia zautner.  she will always remind me to be grateful for life and to be strong no matter what comes your way. when you have time, please read her blog and her amazing story by clicking on her name above.  she is so beautiful, inside and out!

i have been so behind on posting my LO's on my galleries at two peas in a bucket,, SisTv, scrapbooksetc, a million memories, and Creating Keepsakes' clubck.  i thought being on vacay i would remember to do so, but to be honest, i've been busy with other stuff that i just completely forgot.  gotta get back into it! get bizy jenn!  at least i've been posting here, right?  give me credit okay?  heehee...

well here's an LO i did a couple of weeks back... my hubz was especially pleased and jumping for joy joy happy happy joy joy...(J/k babez!)...but seriously he was excited and said it was sooo cool.  this is entitled "gti" and the journaling notes:

 a.k.a. "Good Times Incorporated"....defined by my one and only hubby, Jesse.  he loves his ride...such special times. =)
and of course you can not forget to check out the fast *ss smooth gti details:
did a lot of tone on tone, border punching and used some leftover die cuts from my cricut. used american crafts, jenni bowlin and graphic 45 papers on this one.  loved how everything goes so well and managed to keep it "manly."  that car is fast like a m#th@f#$@!!!!  i should know because i tried it a few times on sport mode.  yey-yah!  but don't tell my hubby that...heehee...ooops...oh yeah i forgot i already told him that...with a smile.  wink!

have a good day and until next time!

Monday, May 17, 2010

running behind on schedule

hmmm...i write out my to do lists on either paper or my nifty sticky notes app on my droid...and sh*t!  i'm kinda running behind on my to-do's today...i got so caught up on checking my finances and making a correction that i had emailed someone in error, hopefully that's all resolved.  then i got caught up on uploading and labeling my photos for my "everyday project."  hmmmm?

and now what am i doing?  realized  i haven't blogged all weekend...well i was busy having fun this past weekend. hubz got me some new running shoes from South Sound Running:
did a jog/walk around the lake, heritage park:

did a little bit of people watching and had lunch at chopsticks in olympia, i had the tofu sauteed w/ onions fresh salad bowl and da hubz had the wonton soup, yumm-0! we sat at the window bar, which was cool since i've never sat there before:

did a walmart grocery run:

then home and relaxed and played on our droids and then i looked through our civil wedding album:
hmmm...might have to take a few pix of it and post it here someday.

then sunday....

scrapped an LO for our Hawaii Honeymoon album (will post this one at a later date):
went for a road bike at Chehalis Trail:
we got hungry and had a slice of pizza at Vic's Pizzeria:
took one of my infamous bathroom selfies and saw their chalkboard and made my mark:

then chilled at home, did some house stuff, picked up my daughter, really missed her during the weekend, but so happy she got home last night:

and now it's good morning monday 10:54 a.m. and sh*t....i'm definitely behind on schedule.  oh well.  i'm on vacay anyway....nothing always goes as planned right?

well it's about time to put another LO... i did this for our 2nd wedding.  this is one of my fave photos of us.   i got this printed in 4x6, 5x7 and 8x10.  this one is the 5x7, mostly used red AC cardstock and then used scraps that were used for the wedding decor.  really love how this one turned out....this LO will be the last page in our wedding album:
did a lot of tone on tone deetz:

have a good monday!  tfl!