Tuesday, May 11, 2010

as of 10 a.m. today, i am....

....on vacation!  woohoo!  i worked for 3 hours today and it was a good 3 hours.  it was sad to say bye but i'll be visiting everyone before we really really leave.  i was there for 8 yrs and they were great, even through the bad times (b/c i learned so much from them too!).  i'm gonna miss working there but i'm gonna miss the people more. besides working in seattle, it was one of the best 8 yrs of my career.  now i'm gonna try the SAHM route (stay-at-home-mom) and it's gonna be an adjustment since i've always worked.

it will be nice actually not have "to worry what i need to do at work tomorrow" for once.  but that does not mean i'm gonna be vegan (sp?) out every single day...that's just not who i am.  gotta lot of prep stuff, take care of stuff thangs to do before the move.  i'll still be busy.

totally looking forward to sleeping in a little bit.  i usually wake up at 4:30 to fit in some exercise but i think i'll move it to 5:30 and do wateva until i drop off my daughter at my mom's for school or at her bus stop. will definitely put in a jog at least 3x a week.

yey-yah!  and of course scrap, organize, clean, watch some reality tv (real housewives of nyc, oc and jersey; million matchmaker; the hills; the city, etc), watch some on demand sex and the city.  and yey-yah...i get to cook more often now (one of my favez aside from scrappin).  tonight cooked up some spaghetti for my fam...

gotta plan the menu and experiment ya know...yey-yah!  luckily my husband and daughter are the victims, i mean, my gp's, i mean, my fans of my cooking.  heehee...  hmmmm what to cook next?

today i spent my day organizing the downstairs a bit especially my scrapbook layouts....yikes!  they were all dusty b/c they were out in the open...had to dust them off with the swifter and organized them by the date of creation...and holy 'camoley!  i had piles of them since january 2007!  i actually think there was another album somewhere hiding...didn't count them but will tomorrow.  check it out...

i usually display my most recent LO's by the dining room window sills (that's the only place to display them!).  i practically took over the dining area for my scrap stuff..

hopefully in our next home, i can do a better job of organizing and hiding my scrappy toys from public view.  my hubby had a great idea of doing a wall exclusively for my most recent LO's.  he's so thoughtful!  i love you babez!  can hardly wait!  so happy i took up this wonderful hobby and artform. 

tomorrow is a totally new day...definitely will have to do some house cleaning, call the bank, laundry and maybe take some inventory photos. 

busy life as a SAHM.  yey-yah!

well it's time to head out for now... will be blogging more often now that i've got some extra free time.  wink!

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