Monday, June 16, 2014

Newport Beach, OR

So grateful for waking up to this view and starting the day right with my family. 

Make up done and ready to go for some brunch...

Thursday, June 12, 2014

what happened to may?


it's already june!

i never posted anything else since our trip to alyeska.

well here i am...
me & my girls are on vacay in WA with fam.
behind on uploading photos again.
i was caught up but since on vacay fell off of it.
and on my project life and scrapbooking.

been so focused on teaching zumba lately...
and taking zumba while on vacay + yoga.
it was time for a break from AK anyway.
nice to just do whateva, sleep in a bit, and do whateva.

so far vacay has been great...aaaaahhhh....

yoga tonight and zumba tomorrow night.
then saturday is our bbq party here at my sis's.
then the next morning we take a trip to newport, OR.
so excited about that.
can hardly wait.

don't know if i'll be sharing any photos since i've been doing it all on FB.

but here's a couple of pages i've done in the past that i have forgotten to share...

have a good one!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

alyeska resort...we are here...

spending time with mi familia for this weekend....

but before we headed to alyeska...

did an ihop brunch

anchorage museum...that was so much fun!

alyeska is so beautiful.
pizza and some wine at the hotel.
we went swimming at the hotel's indoor pool
selene had so much fun, we did too.
worked out the next morning, great WO!!!!
stayed in with selene while maiya and jesse went snowboarding.
i got to catch up on sleep...aaaahhhh.
they just got back from snowboarding and we're chill in' before date night.
gonna get ready as soon as i'm done with this post.

love this weekend.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

this is... life...

a scrap LO i did this morning using some instagram pix from last yr in cali....

use the cocoa daisy "record label" kit.


Saturday, March 15, 2014


it's our 5th year anniversary....

used the cocoa daisy february "color swatch" kit.

we have been thru ups and downs in our relationship.
ya gotta have the ying and yang.
without the downs, the ups wouldn't be so exciting.
life would be boring and you really wouldn't learn from each other.
what i love about our relationship is we do argue...
we always make up.
we can't seem to stay mad at each other too long.
i love him.
so happy and grateful we found each other...
especially grateful that we are gonna keep it going...
til we are oldies but always goodies.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

onto my creative side...

its been awhile since i've created and shared...

all materials from the cocoa daisy kits and some products from my own stash...

here we go (with a couple or 3 of deetz attached)...

just a 6x6 layout for valentine's day...

for 21 years of friendship..

now for cards...

valentine's card for my hubby...

these next two were for baby showers...

baby shower #1...

baby shower #2...

this last one is for a dear friend...
belated happy birthday and for being a new mama-to-be...

love how they all turned out.
of course i had to doodle here and there as a final touch, my signature thang.
it's not complete without it.

i have one more layout but can't share until this coming saturday...
its for a special special occasion that has lasted 5 years this coming saturday...

stay tuned.

2 months later....sheez!

omigosh!  wtf! 2 months has been too long!
well a lot has happened since then...
I started teaching my own Zumba classes, started on jan. 13, 2014!
ever since then i've been non-stop, Zumba-wise.
i've subbed twice at dance plus fitness and just recently at the elmendorf gym on base.
gonna sub again soon on march 26th at the buckner gym on base too.
gonna start saturday classes starting april 12 at the arctic oasis community center...
also gonna do one saturday per month at the elmendorf gym.
zumba life has been good but without the haterz too.
oh well, brushing it off my shoulders.

my current zumba page profile pic

got back into scrapbooking again, layouts, cards..yes!
i'll post photos of those in a future post.

completed my project life 2012 album!

waiting for game of thrones season 4 to start, 23 more dayz til GoT 4.6!!!!!

and waiting for hubby to come home so we all can go on a mini-vacay.

can hardly wait to visit my family and friends in WA this coming june!
can hardly wait to Zumba it away with my sis and the Z-gang in WA...
photo courtesy of my sis Jo (the whole gang not shown here)
i have been losing weight and keeping it off successfully..
working out and eating clean.
nutrition is the key...

you can find out what these all are on my instagram.
i love instagram!

life has been good to me.
looking forward to more and moving forward.