Tuesday, February 9, 2016

HAWT + A + Zumba

a few things to share....

"HAWT!" layout...

 used a stamp from the ali edwards story stamp set "old & new".  did i already say how much i love her story kit/stamp set?
 went for the gold look here, ranger crackle paint, small punched star using a Fiskars star punch and those lines are done with a gold sharpie marker.

and another stamp "Then|Now" from the same ali edwards story stamp set.  and currently my obsession are the new clear letter stamps from christine herrin i used for my title "HAWT!"  i love her style and recently purchased the Wander Edition Project Life Core Kit she designed.  can hardly wait to use them.  definitely planning to use it for when we travel this summer.  woot woot!

and now for a V-day card i made for one of my daughters and has already been mailed out to her....

those hearts and the "hello heart" stamp are from the ali edwards story stamp set "heart."  i embossed the hearts with pink Zing. i'm getting back into embossing now.  I have so neglected them for so long.  thank you ali edwards for the inspo!
created a border with that "hello heart" stamp...just love how it completed this card.  when i first saw the size of these tiny stamps in the set...i thought, shit, these are tiny, how am i gonna use these?  wtf!  well came up with this idea for this card and did the same on a layout i shared here.  i'll be using this technique a lot more especially with these tiny cuties.  lol.

and lastly, some cards i created as a thank you attached to Zumba prizes for a Zumba Pre-Valentine's Party i'll be teaching this coming Saturday...

 used a bunch of project life cards in colors of pink, red & white (blush edition & cherry edition, which are no longer available), stamped them, punched holes and wrapped them with twine around each prize.  it just made these goodies more special as prizes for my students.  nice cute touch. they are gonna love them.
can hardly wait to give these out and see their expressions on their faces.  this party is gonna be FUN!

on another note, i am currently doing the one little word prompt for this month.  so far i've been doing good, missed a couple of days and that's ok.  i've accepted that.  "strive for progress not perfection." loving this process.

and have been doing the 52 lists by moorea seal too.  i'm actually not doing it on a weekly basis.  i have been doing it randomly when i can.  luckily i found a journal i bought a LONG time ago.  it's a journal i could never figure out what to use for and put it away and forgot about it.  it just so happened i was looking for something to use for the 52 lists and found it on my scrap table in one of my caddies.  not sure why i never noticed it before until recently.  it now has a purpose in my life. YES!  if i remember, i'll share one or more of my lists here.  or i may not and keep it to myself.  hmmm.  stay tuned.

it's already been a busy week!  well gotta get off this and get my butt off this couch! scrapping? sweeping the floors? more laundry?  hmmm...i may multi-task.  LOL. until next time...xoxo.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

amazing, wonderful...

maiya did one of the most amazing, wonderful and self-less things today after we shopped at the dimond mall center (anchorage)...

we were at a stop light and in front of us was another vehicle. on the sidewalk was an old homeless man with a cane.  it was freezing cold and icy out.  he approached the car in front of us and they gave him some money.

maiya said, " i want to give him some $." she rolled down the window and said to the man, "here sir." he walked slowly with a limp towards us and she handed him the money. although there was a jerk behind who honked at us as the man said thank you, i was so touched.  and by the way, maiya yelled at the car behind us, "hey! i'm giving him some money!!!!"  the homeless man smiled at maiya.

i told her i was proud of her and that she did a real good thing. i asked her, "you know you gave him a $10 bill, right?"  she said, "actually i gave him $14."

she was so proud of herself with a bit of a tear in the corner of her eye.  i raised a great, good child.  and i'm grateful and learned from her today.

love her so much.

i have been on a roll peeps!

...oh yes i have... i guess you could say i got my scrapbook groove back...i guess that year break was needed huh?

well here's more...layouts and sneak peeks of cards...

"heart" layout...
used the aliedwards story kit & story stamp for this plus scraps i had around...

...and another one..."5.23.2010"
used old cocoa daisy kits & scraps i've had stashed...  i think my fave on this one is the white embossed pentagon stamps...so fun.

 and finally the peek-a-booz on cards i just did....

i have been in the mood to emboss with those american crafts zing powders...oh my goodness! and oh i so love ali edwards' story/stamp kits!!!!  i'll be sticking with them for awhile.  so not overwhelming and definitely something i can travel with on the go.  now i just gotta figure where i'm gonna store them....hmmm...time to come up with or buy a nice storage box for them....hmmm...

gotta go...breakfast and get ready and teach my zumba class this morning...it's on!

Monday, January 25, 2016

peek this... + 52 lists

just doing a quick post of what i have been up to creative-wise...here's a couple of sneak peeks of cards i've completed this early a.m.....

valentine's day cards.... these are from my instagram.  follow me if ya want.  wink!

2 more to go and then i'll post them in full effect lata my playaz.

have you heard of the 52 lists project by moorea seal?
i'm thinking of starting it up....i've read/heard so much about it.  and it looks like it is just right for me to jump start some journaling thoughts in my head.  so excited about it.  i'm still debating on actually purchasing the book on amazon.  but they do give you the contents of the each of the lists.  hmmm. go check it out. i may end up buying it anyway. do it.

time to start the day: dropping off maiya at school, cleaning, teaching zumba, prepping dinner, studying, etc.  xoxo.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

now for...then + now...me & you...

well here's what i was talking about in my previous post....

a quick layout i managed to squeeze in yesterday using some of the ali edwards story kit & stamp set "old & new"....

i think my fave detail of this layout is the use of the stamps as a frame around my photos...used "the same" and "different" stamps in the ali edwards set...

to start off my journaling, i used those little cute stamps "the things that are..." "the same" & "different."  it really did help me figure out what to write.  i probably could have written more, but did not want to overwhelm the bottom too much. i still love the way it turned out.

i can hardly wait to get the new one of ali edwards' story kit & stamp "heart."  i really love the fact that the kit is small and i can totally see myself using it up right away. simple but so cute. love....

gotta run out of the house, pay selene's gymnastics for next month, then pick her up from preschool....then prep the drunken chicken marsala for tonight's dinner...then gotta teach my Zumba class tonight at the Alaska Club East.


Wednesday, January 20, 2016

then & now

back in december i subscribed to ali edwards' story kit "old & new" theme.  and i'm so happy i did.  her kits are simple, fun and not overwhelming.  just right.  i have been trying to figure out what photos to use with that month's theme.  i have two of me and selene and waiting to be put on a layout.  BUT... i found these that are great possibilities...

 ...then... back in June 2014 while vacationing in lacey, wa with my family....

...now...January 2, 2016, here in Anchorage (JBER), AK...

they have changed so much thru these 2 years. perfect photos to do a then & now layout.  now i gotta think about what to write. stay tuned.

off to get ready for selene's gymnastics this morning.  xoxo...

Monday, January 18, 2016

this is LOVE

happy monday!

just sharing an LO i did this past weekend...

supplies are from old cocoa daisy kits/white ink: Memento in Moonshine/white pen:  uniball/washi tape: Scotch.

this is gonna def be on my faves list.

i woke up real early this morning, worked on my PL 2015 album...just journaling.  came up with my new zumba playlist for today's class, gotta new one i'm doing today "Vaiven" by Daddy Yankee. can hardly wait to share it with my class at the Alaska Club East.

now on forward with my day.... xoxo.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Project Life 2013 - Vol 3

wow!  volume #3?!!!!?  oh yes!  and from how things are going with this one, there may be a vol 4!  please excuse the background of these.  i had to take these outside on the carport ground.  the natural and artificial lighting in our house isn't the best to take photos of this sort.  AK is currently overcast and dang cold!  but here it is...

used the Cherry edition (it was on major sale + love the red so i had to get it
before it was gone, it's now retired.  so happy i got it)

date stamp: 7gypsies

 letter sticker: american crafts, puffy sticker: evalicious

honey edition core kit on left

jade edition core kit both sides

those shiny triangles are from an old cocoa daisy kit

jade edition core kit again...one of my faves...

sentiments: october afternoon
these layouts are from mid-june thru almost the end of august.  hoping a shutterfly deal will come about so i can print the rest of 2013 otherwise i may just go ahead and order anyway to finish this year up and move forward to 2014 & 2015.

btw... i have already started my PL 2015 since snapfish had a $.01/print for 100 going last week.  just got them the day before and have now placed all of them in pocket pages.  i've created the title page and oh my, i'm in love with it.  i used the everyday edition core kit for my title page.  and i'm thinking of using it for this year too along with PL mini kits:  good times and lucky charm. oh so lovely ones!  i love the simplicity of them but yet a splash of color of the everyday and lucky charm kits.  good times is very neutral:  grays, blacks and whites.  LOVE LOVE LOVE.

i'll share my title page lata playaz!  until then...xoxo.