Friday, March 29, 2013

Project Life 2012 Weeks 9 & 10

it's been awhile since i've posted.
but it's been pretty busy this week too.
and next week will be busy too.
selene & i are taking a vacation to visit family tomorrow.
can hardly wait.

but i know you can't wait for me to share some project life.
now that's something to go ga-ga for. lol.
not sure if you've noticed...but i don't title my weeks at all in the album.
i just didn't want to not have the flexibility of doing whateva.
what if it's not really a whole week or even a short one?
who knows!

anyway here it goes....

week 9...

Highlights: a thrift find | a nice treat | daddy’s back home | walking | a birthday
3 layouts + 4 inserts

Layout 1: 
used design E for this one.  I love this type of page protector.  You can either put a 6x6 instagram photo or slip in some patterned paper and affix your photo on top of it and slip it in.  Or you can slip in just memorabilia if you wanted. Hmmmm?  Gotta try that idea.

I’m currently using my 1st thrift find:  the 3-d ring album.  Wish I could find another like it.  It’s leather and pretty sturdy. 

Anyway…added some AC chipboard stickers, colored circle labels, more letter stickers.  Also stapled a filler card by tina azsmus I downloaded for free.  Love it that it goes with the theme of a 2 photos on the right side of the layout.

Insert 1:  
just a receipt, starbx, and a cutout I got from some hair dye box.  Just added a couple of labels and journaled. The other side of this insert is a reward of accomplishment maiya got from school. (she was so happy I added this into the album). 

Layout 2:  
writing on the page protector is so cool!  I love doing it. Just a simple layout with a label, doodling and stamping.

Inserts 2 & 4 :  just something from the souplantation (one of hubby’s favez) where we had dinner one night. 
Insert 3: more memorabilia (can you tell I love collecting them?)

Layout 3: 
the day of my grandpa’s 92nd birthday.  I’m so happy I documented this time since my g-pa passed away last fall.  He lived a great life and I’m so happy that I was loved by him.  

Just some more journaling on top of the page protector and a couple of labels with journaling.

Supplies: old cocoa daisy kits; patterned papers: American crafts; filler card; labels:  Martha stewart, avery; pens, markers: sharpie; stamps: hero arts; chalk ink: prima

Week 10...
Highlights:  new things | family visit | 11 months | painting pottery
4 layouts + 1 insert

Layout 1:
my fave photo is the one with the blurry one of selene & me sitting on the floor. I just placed my camera on the floor and put it on timer.  

Had some negative space to add letter stickers and journaling.  It’s also rare I’m in the photos. I made sure though to do a before & after of when I got a haircut during “me” time.

as with almost all my inserts I back up stuff with patterned paper, a bit of doodling, journaling.

Layout 2:
a nice visit from my mom & dad and just a time at the park with the girls. 

A couple of journaling cards, very little embellishing, a doodled border around one photo and I called it done. Love the pop of pink.

Layout 3: 
a bit more journaling here because I included 2 photos of selene turning 11 months. 

The 2 middle journaling cards are a free download from dontcha just load freebies? I do I do! 

Layout 4: 
all about pottery painting, just me & maiya.  

Used the design D and had some patterned paper to match the green-yellows in my photos. Stuck in some memorabilia from that time into 2 of the pockets. I kinda like that I didn’t add anything behind them and love the fact you can see the backside of them on the other side of the page protector.  

Supplies: cocoa daisy “bed & breakfast” & “sketchbook”  kits; labels:  Martha stewart; journaling cards:, echo park; pens, markers:  sharpie.

it will be awhile til i do another PL layout(s) since i'll be on vacay.
i'm still debating on whether to bring some scrap stuff for our trip.
i may have some time do some scrappy stuff.
we'll see.
but...i will be posting for my PL 2013 in the near future and some other projects.

well have a great weekend and i'll post to ya laterz....

Saturday, March 23, 2013

a honeymoon & a girl

well let me say...
our daughter ashley is coming home from idaho for her spring break.
we'll be picking her up tonight from the ontario airport.
but before that we are gonna swing by the nearby ikea to check out bedroom sets for selene.
so excited!

and finally i finished up our hawaii honeymoon album...
bare with me folks..
this is gonna be kinda long...

used a 3-d ring album by colorbok that i got recently from our local wal-mart in lancaster.
so thankful they had these in stock so i bought 2.

i made about 10 scrapbook layouts for this album.
original plan was to make the whole album scrap pages of only the highlights of our honeymoon and call it done.
but i actually got either lazy, busy, forgot about it or just plain got un-inspired to go further.
so this thing sat in the corner for 2 1/2 years untouched, undone.
then i discovered becky higgins' project life system.
although i did not use any products from her fab collection, i used the idea of project life.
especially since i've been doing it for my PL 2012 & 2013 albums as you know.
the PL system just made completing this album a breeze.
all i did was pick some old scrapbook kits i had in my collection and just dug in.
i will definitely be scrapping this way too for everyday moments, special ocassions,etc.
oh...i won't stop doing an occassional scrapbook page, i'll just be changing it up how i document now with PL way.
so fast, so easy peasy.

anyway, onto the album...

 i placed a bunch of memorabilia into the pockets of this page protector.
then an 8.5x11 page protector for a card we got from one of my aunties who lived in hawaii at the time.

i think out of all the layouts, this is my fave

and 38 thick pages later...
this turned out to be a big one!

so happy it's done & ready to be enjoyed.

Supplies:  Cocoa daisy kits:  July 2011 urban loft, may 2012 graffiti bridge, april 2012 sprout; a million memories kits:  april, march, august 2011's; little red scrapbook kits: feb 2010 and one older one; old bad girls kit.