Thursday, March 7, 2013

its about the wedding...

well the 2nd one i mean...
that happened on 10/24/2009.
as you know i have been in the process of completing our 2nd ceremony/celebration of our wedding album.
i almost 95% done.
well that's why i've estimated.
this past saturday morning i completed 10 4x6 title cards for certain layouts in the album.
here they are:

here they are individually plus an extra one:

a few details:

and how it looks like in the album:

sorry its a bit on the blurry side.
i didn't take the photos in the right spot of the house.
thought there was enough light, but obviously not.
oh well.
i don't feel like taking them over again.
these will have to do for now.
i'm just extra happy i got them done.
pretty much all the supplies i've used on all the wedding layouts were used on these title cards.
i think i may have one more layout to do, but still debating if i should.
but i do still have to do like a little title card for the cover.
i'll let you know or share it with you when i've got that figured out.

have a goody good one!

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