Saturday, March 23, 2013

a honeymoon & a girl

well let me say...
our daughter ashley is coming home from idaho for her spring break.
we'll be picking her up tonight from the ontario airport.
but before that we are gonna swing by the nearby ikea to check out bedroom sets for selene.
so excited!

and finally i finished up our hawaii honeymoon album...
bare with me folks..
this is gonna be kinda long...

used a 3-d ring album by colorbok that i got recently from our local wal-mart in lancaster.
so thankful they had these in stock so i bought 2.

i made about 10 scrapbook layouts for this album.
original plan was to make the whole album scrap pages of only the highlights of our honeymoon and call it done.
but i actually got either lazy, busy, forgot about it or just plain got un-inspired to go further.
so this thing sat in the corner for 2 1/2 years untouched, undone.
then i discovered becky higgins' project life system.
although i did not use any products from her fab collection, i used the idea of project life.
especially since i've been doing it for my PL 2012 & 2013 albums as you know.
the PL system just made completing this album a breeze.
all i did was pick some old scrapbook kits i had in my collection and just dug in.
i will definitely be scrapping this way too for everyday moments, special ocassions,etc.
oh...i won't stop doing an occassional scrapbook page, i'll just be changing it up how i document now with PL way.
so fast, so easy peasy.

anyway, onto the album...

 i placed a bunch of memorabilia into the pockets of this page protector.
then an 8.5x11 page protector for a card we got from one of my aunties who lived in hawaii at the time.

i think out of all the layouts, this is my fave

and 38 thick pages later...
this turned out to be a big one!

so happy it's done & ready to be enjoyed.

Supplies:  Cocoa daisy kits:  July 2011 urban loft, may 2012 graffiti bridge, april 2012 sprout; a million memories kits:  april, march, august 2011's; little red scrapbook kits: feb 2010 and one older one; old bad girls kit.

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