Friday, March 22, 2013

one thru twenty-2

how time has flown by!
i have yet to share my march photo-a-day.
until now...

i used the collect app for this joint.
love this app.
take your photo or get it from your roll.
you tag, title it and 'collect' each month on a calendar.

here it goes:
(sorry if it's not in order, just didn't feel like fixing it)...

i used instagram for all my photos here and then rolled them up in collect.
you can follow me if you would like.
thinking i may use it more often for photo-a-day.
it's just convenient and i love the square look.

oh btw...have you seen what's going on with project life?
omigosh...they've got 2 new core kits, blush & jade.
and they're going to be on HSN this coming 25th to sell them at a great price.
what price?
i have no idea so you'll have to join me and watch starting at 9 p.m. PST starting late sunday night.
it goes on til the end of the 25th.
go check out becky higgins' blog here and get the deetz, okay?
which one am i gonna get?
the JADE edition!
which one will you go ga-ga for?

its friday peepz...
so enjoy and live it!

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