Friday, February 27, 2009

Before I begin my Friday day off...

Well well well...TGIF! OMG! Finally, this week was so busy at work and a little bit of drama. wish people would just mind their business! but anyway, i'm glad it's Friday! i don't have my lil girly this weekend. her dad picked her up last night after cheerleading practice and so I scrapped a page last night. i'll post it later on as i haven't taken a pic of it, just waiting for some light outside to take it. but here's another one of my creations. This one is of my 2 BF's, my sis, jo, and one of my longtime frenz, Risa (who is prego! woohoo!):I used the January 09 Bad Girls kit for this one. I cut up pretty much the last of the flowers and leaves from the Webster's Pages from the kit. I also cut some from a Making Memories pp too (still have some more of that one, what should I do with that, hmmm?). I just love to cut up pp's and make my LO's mine. I Glimmer Mist-ed the grungeboard letters with gold & silver and staggered a few of the letters b/c i get so bored sometimes just playing it straight. I tore a few spots in the cardstock and adhered some MM pp behind them. Then inked the edges of my LO for the final touch.

Here are a few details:Well it's off to start my day...I think i might start a page and then workout! woohoo!

Have a Happy Friday and a Great Weekend!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I can finally say, "Yes! I made it!"

Good morning! I made two LO's since I got my Bad Girls Kit Feb. edition. I was able to take a pic of one of them and I'll post the other later on this week:
a few details too:I love this kit so full of beautiful colors especially one of my fave: PURPLE.

Well gotta do some pilates/stretches. Have a Great Day!

Monday, February 23, 2009

It came it came!

my february bad girls kit came this past saturday! and boy... was i ecstatic! i was on cloud nine for sure! i'll post the 1st 2 LO's sometime this week!
my fiancee is out of town for a lil bit...and i miss him sooooo much already. he'll be back soon!
for now here's something until the next time:

I made this for my fiancee after finding out he won an award for being such a great man. he was so surprised and touch when he got this.

here's a close up of my embellie:

Friday, February 20, 2009

I'm soooo Buuuuummmmed!!!!

my kit still has not arrived! i want my kit! i think it got mailed out on the 13th and should have already gotten here! please please please, where are you? i emailed customer service hopefully they have an answer for me... we shall see....

until then, here's another creation i did awhile back:

This is from the December kit and add-on kit from Bad Girls. I did this in the early a.m., around 4:30a.m. when I turned 37 on 12/26.

Here's some close-ups:

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Still Waiting...Hmmmm???

I am still waiting for the Feb Bad Girls kit and I'm getting really anxious. I was hoping it was in yesterday but nope, it was not. =( I decided to not check the mail today because just maybe just maybe it will be in tomorrow. But for now, here is another one of my creations from the January Bad Girls Kit:Journaling: i LoVe Us...BECAUSE OF SO MANY REASONS.

Well it's bedtime for my lil boo. Good night and sweet sweet dreams to all! TFL!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My Urban Prep (Scrap In Style) LO

Here is my creation of my daughter and my soon-to-be step daughter:

Majority of materials are from the Urban Prep kit in this is also posted on

Announcing an Engagement!

When: Valentine's Day, 2/14/2009
Where: Seattle, WA, at the top of Space Needle after lunch at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse

Soon to be Mr. & Mrs. Charles W. Jesse, Jr!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentine's to All!

hey! it's that loving time of the year! oh...loving time is all year round! LOL! this yr i definitely have two:

Maiya and Jesse! woohoo! the pic of Maiya is after one of our friends got married and she just wanted to take a pic w/ the beautiful roses. the other pic is of me and my BF. we had just ordered breakfast at shari's. yumm-o!

fridays are my days off, actually i had to work a little bit this a.m. to make up & accumulate some comp time. then i scrapped this:

Hope u have a very happy v-day!

I do projects too ya know!

Here's sumthin else:

here's what's inside:

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Some goodies goodies....

yeah!!!!! i got my yummiez tonight from Scrap In Style! i have been waiting for this moment all week long and it's finally here. i'll definitely be using these goody goodies! love the greens and all the papers and embellies. it even has 2 sets of alphas. one of my all time faves are the ones from Making Memories, their puffy onez! i have a set of black and white but now i have a set of greens! woohoo! everything about this kit da-bomb, can't wait to put my hands on them and create away! here's the package:

isn't it to die for? i'm so excited and i can not hide away, i'm about to lose control and i think i like it, ah yeah! did i just sing a tune? woh...u really don't want to hear me sing....scrap??? that's a different story... i'll b scrappin soon!

My Lil Girly Scrapper...

my lil one also loves to scrap as well. she does it when i do it, of course during the day not in the early a.m. like i usually do. i usually scrap from Fri-Sun starting 4 a.m. doing it 4 hrs straight! yea-ya!

here's my baby boo:

and here's sumthin of her creation:

isn't she a talented artist? i think so.


dang it! i can't go back to sleep and it's almost 3 a.m.! yikes. i was doing fine the past 3 days and all of a sudden woke and man, just can't get the zzzz'z back. i think i have been thinking about scrapping too much...hmmm????? losing sleep over something i love? hell ya! it's worth it, of course i'll pay for it all day today at work. LOL!

i have to say there are some really talented artists out there and i am so inspired by them. when i first started scrapping i only knew the real basics: get paper, cut straight line, glue paper, glue a few embellies. now i've discovered a whole new world of scrapping: cutting elaborate designs out of the paper, bending, painting, glazing, being sloppy for the heck of it, going all out with the embellies,going simple, etc etc etc. i'm so happy i've discovered this other side, the dark side of scrapping (hey that's in a good way!).

here's a lil sumthin sumthin of what i'm talking about:

i love this LO. cut a few butterflies and flowers from a Webster's Pages paper and Making Memories and cut the letters out too and added a bling. the BF loves this one too. he's such a wonderful man.

a few close ups:

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I just felt like it...

hmmm...i've been blogging more often than i thought i would... this stuff is great... wanna see something else i created with my own 2 lil hands? here it is, this is my daughter giving a lil wink to the camera while my BF's daughter was taking the pic. i love this LO, i just love how the purple makes the handmade specialty paper pop and then it make the pix pop as well. love the grungies by Tim Holtz. that guy is da-bomb! i sprayed a little bit of Glimmer Mist on the grungies, added a few cute embellies and voila you have dope ass LO! at least that's my opinion!

here's a few close ups of some the elements on this page:

my daughter was just in awe when she saw this LO especially since it was about her. she even made comments on all the "art" that was on it. i just love putting a smile on her face especially when i create something about her.

My girly girl is one of the ppl that makes me most HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY!

Before I go...

Good morning! yes i'm an early birdie...before I start my day here's another layout (LO) --------<---. i also have this posted on and . i used papers from making memories, grungeboard by Tim Holtz sprayed with Glimmer Mist (Tattered Angels) and slathered with Making Memories glaze to add shine, edged with Gold Stickles, buttons (Basic Grey) and shells from my BF's bathroom (LOL!).
I love these pix of my BF, Jesse. This was when he was about 21 or 22, surfing to his heart's content. he still loves to do it but it's a bit hard to do it here in WA state.
well gotta go workout, do some pilates!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

i'm back ...

hey i'm back sooner than i thought...just couldn't resist had to post at least one of my layouts.

well gotta put a lil girly girl to sleep gotta wake up early!

Introducing...drum roll please!

hi everyone! i'm jenn. some folks call me jd. you can call me either one. let's see this is my 1st time to have my own blog and start one. where should i start? hmmm? i think no i know this will mostly be about my art...scrapbooking. i've been doing since january 2007. i was one of those ppl who said scrapbooking? i don't have time or whatever! but one day i was up late and couldn't sleep and saw a commercial on a scrapbook kit and bought it and ever since then i've been obsessed. since then i have changed from club to another club and now i'm with two: bad girls kits (their kits totally rawk!) and scrap in style (their site is off the hook).

i just love this art. have a total passion for it. obsessed. think about too much and dream about it too. addicted (like my BF says! but he so supportive of me doing it!). i love the fun of it, the cutting up of papers, adhering, and embellishing of it. i love to scrap my daughter, my family, my BF, Jesse, and of course myself (not in a conceited way ok!). it's a chance for myself to dig deeper of myself, my creativity, my family, and of course my relationship with Jesse. it's a stress reliever, an artistic outlet, and i just love doing it for the heck of it. i also love to see ppl smile when i give my art as a gift. i make cards and also do a few special projects.

i'll be definitely posting all my! woohoo! not now b/c i just started this and plus i'm at my sis's and don't have my files on her computer. please let me know what you think and it would be cool if you shared your art with me too.

what else about me? i'm a single parent, full-time budget analyst, love: to dance, hip hop, rap, pop, and some rock muzik, roadbike, kickboxing, walking, jogging, spending time with family especially my baby girly girl, spending time with jesse and doing all the above with him, read (scrapbook and finance stuff); HGTV and Foodnetwork, to laugh loud, ppl who make me laugh and some more stuff that i can't think of right now.

I'll be posting soon with my art as soon as i figure out how to. i'll try to post as much as i can, buzy life after work with my daughter's gymnastics and cheerleading and my own stuff. most likely will blog on this this coming Thursday or sometime this weekend. Thanks for stopping by and hope to make some kind of impression...

until then...jd created