Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Introducing...drum roll please!

hi everyone! i'm jenn. some folks call me jd. you can call me either one. let's see this is my 1st time to have my own blog and start one. where should i start? hmmm? i think no i know this will mostly be about my art...scrapbooking. i've been doing since january 2007. i was one of those ppl who said scrapbooking? i don't have time or whatever! but one day i was up late and couldn't sleep and saw a commercial on a scrapbook kit and bought it and ever since then i've been obsessed. since then i have changed from club to another club and now i'm with two: bad girls kits (their kits totally rawk!) and scrap in style (their site is off the hook).

i just love this art. have a total passion for it. obsessed. think about too much and dream about it too. addicted (like my BF says! but he so supportive of me doing it!). i love the fun of it, the cutting up of papers, adhering, and embellishing of it. i love to scrap my daughter, my family, my BF, Jesse, and of course myself (not in a conceited way ok!). it's a chance for myself to dig deeper of myself, my creativity, my family, and of course my relationship with Jesse. it's a stress reliever, an artistic outlet, and i just love doing it for the heck of it. i also love to see ppl smile when i give my art as a gift. i make cards and also do a few special projects.

i'll be definitely posting all my work...here! woohoo! not now b/c i just started this and plus i'm at my sis's and don't have my files on her computer. please let me know what you think and it would be cool if you shared your art with me too.

what else about me? i'm a single parent, full-time budget analyst, love: to dance, hip hop, rap, pop, and some rock muzik, roadbike, kickboxing, walking, jogging, spending time with family especially my baby girly girl, spending time with jesse and doing all the above with him, read (scrapbook and finance stuff); HGTV and Foodnetwork, to laugh loud, ppl who make me laugh and some more stuff that i can't think of right now.

I'll be posting soon with my art as soon as i figure out how to. i'll try to post as much as i can, buzy life after work with my daughter's gymnastics and cheerleading and my own stuff. most likely will blog on this this coming Thursday or sometime this weekend. Thanks for stopping by and hope to make some kind of impression...

until then...jd created

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