Monday, March 28, 2016

paper & stuff...

being a paper playa....
stuff for my soon-to-be 5 yr old lil girly girl...can you tell she loves pink?

the birthday banner...
the tassels...well i still gotta make pink ones..
these were my first time making tassels..practice ones.
first every paper pompoms...i'm so proud of myself.
paper doilies...and seeing how i should do a centerpiece out of them.
(see photo above for end result).
the cupcake toppers...oh so cute!
love them. can't wait to use them for her party.

this was what's up..

busy times.....spring break one week and last some scrapping time in between (in the next post)...and of course zumba in between that... (warning:  photo overload of the past days since my last post)...

ashley coming home for her spring break / lunch at phonatiks
time for some sledding at the abandoned dyea ski rental area

happy mail...oh so happy
love doing advertisements for my Zumba gigs
i'm a planner...and i love my carpe diem planner... wink!
zumba time: did 2 songs - bailame & flex at veronica's class for
the buckner gym expansion.
had to get funky goofy afterwards...
this one is my fave... me & tra.
me & my girls - late lunch at olive garden, then a movie
easter egg hunt and easter fun day at arctic oasis CC

love the fact that there was a Photo Booth! 
our last day with ashley before she flies out the next morning.
dinner at the hard rock cafe.

family of
omg...this grilled chicken chop salad was da bomb!
mac & cheese attack....
family of 5 feetsie style. 
5th Ave Mall

the alaska club hop scotch in the adorable.
...and that's all folks... next post will be about my creativity time with paper and stuff. lata my playaz.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

happy 7 happened!

it was me and da hubz 7th year wedding anniversary this past 3.15.2016, tuesday...sometimes we drive each other coocoo, but...hey what couple doesn't?  hahaha.

and of course, every year, i do a layout...

lots of stuff used from my own stash... but also took advantage of the ali edwards "heart" story kit and stamp set.  i love that they both went so well with this.

i so love her story kits and stamp sets... so versatile, in that you can use them in so many ways and they are timeless...and then on top of that, one can definitely be able to travel with them.  i intend to bring them all on our travels this summer.

the "tough" story kit and stamp set is coming way!  can hardly to get them in the mail!  i love the fact that it's not always the goodie goodie you should think of scrapbooking, telling a story.  i can already think of stories and how i'm gonna use this one!

i have to say that my style has really changed over the years... and i think and most likely will stay with it for a LONG time. more simple, more white space.  i use to spend more than 2 hours doing a layout, because i would deck it out on the WHOLE i've learned that i don't need to spend so much time to make it my own.  i also put myself on a timer, 1 hour or less.  i have done one layout in 20 minutes! and it turned out to be one of my faves!  i like the challenge of doing a 15-20 minute or less layout.  it's enough to give me that "i scrapbooked today" satisfaction.  i'll be challenging myself this way from now on!  you should try it, it's kind of refreshing and exciting at the same time.

on another note... i am participating in AE's Day in the Life which is on March 29th! i got the kit and my fave is the roller date stamp! so in love.  12 more days!

and in may it will be Week in the Life and got the kit and the gray stories album.  woot!  so anxious for this one to start too.... and i really don't know what is my fave in this kit!  so many in it!

time to get a little munch on and get ready to sub a Zumba class for a friend tonight at The Alaska Club!  this is usually my night off...but couldn't resist my friend when she asked me to sub for her.  AAA-OO!  lata my playaz.... xoxo.

Monday, March 14, 2016

this life & project life

here's the other layout i want to share...

and for the deetz...

i just can't get enough of the "heart" Ali Edwards Story Kit & Stamp Set that i used on this one. those word stickers and tiny stamps are da bomb!  loved using it for random journaling plus it kinda added a nice looking touch. don't ya think?

a little doodled border and glitter glue added the final touch and i was done with it.  love how this turned out.

and here's something i finally started for a going away gift for someone special...this is the title page for a new project life album i'm hoping to finish before this July....

the front...

the back...

used the good times value kit and rain core kit.  I'm so loving those purple doilies i found on sale at michael's.  (i use to not be into doilies until recently when i used white ones for the Zumba pre-valentine's party i had last into them now.).

and oh my... i am a big fan of inspire lovely's stuff.  i have bought a few things from her in the past 3 months.  the starburst and xoxo moment stamps are from her shop, they came as freebies with my most recent purchase.  wink!  hmmm.... i think i still have a discount to use from her....  i'll have to check and use it soon.

i can't wait until tomorrow morning.  i wanna do some project life stuff.  until next time... xoxo.