Thursday, March 3, 2016

the past almost 2 weeks

oh my it's been a busy couple of weeks...

 treated ourselves to starbucks, zucchini three cheese lasagna rolls for dinner, and happy mail from inspire lovely and ali edwards.

 the tinies snowman ever...

 finally got all my written Zumba choreo in this red binder and used these $3 dividers i got from target...i feel so much better they are in one place.

 side planks kick ass...trying to improve on them since they're one of the most effective ab WO.

 getting back into studying for my ACE Personal Trainer certification exam in may.

 outside target, she saw this and had to play and i had to photograph it.

 we got to eagle river a wee bit early to pick up maiya, so selene & i stopped by startbucks for a treat and we saw the work of art above their fireplace, twisted heart.

 jesse was out of town for ashley's cheerleading competition in ID, so on this friday night me, maiya & selene headed to michael's, petco and bed bath beyond and window shopped.  it was kinda fun to spend and chill time with my girls.

 finally got these outline stamps from kelly purkey.  i have been waiting for these since they were sold out and finally amazon fulfilled my wish. also got some other stamps from michael's Fun in a Jar. a couple of my best purchases as of this day.

selene & i went to barnes & noble while maiya was her friend's birthday party.  so great to just relax and let selene browse the books.  on our way out the door, found these on sale, $6.98 & $8.98.  what a bargain, i had to grab them for me (300 writing prompts) and for maiya (sketch book). another couple of great worth it purchases.  that 300 book has got some great prompts in it to kick start your writing juices.  i randomly choose one each day and write.  (literally, i randomly unevenly divide the book, turn to a page, and blindly point to a prompt and do my thang).

we also finally got mine (coral) and maiya's (platinum)...
so worth it and such a wonderful planner.  it has truly been a blessing. it's helped me out organize my day, week and month better. i did not buy extra inserts.  but after using it for a few days, i am finding that i definitely need the daily inserts.  i also found free printables on pinterest too.  i am thinking i will order the daily inserts and create my own based on them.  i like the fact the daily inserts have the time frames on them and i really need that part since a lot of my schedule/to-do is time-driven.  so worth the investment of $40. i love this planner.  i don't plan on going all out on decking it out like i've seen on instagram, i'm keeping it simple and to a minimum if i do deck it.

gonna post some scrappy stuff in a later post.  see ya very soon.

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