Sunday, February 21, 2016

oh this past week...

so much has happened this past week... i need to start blogging about my weeks more'll help me out with my PL albums.... duh....

picked up Maiya from the airport, she spent the president's holiday weekend in WA.

Tuesday....selene was so patient and good getting her teeth cleaned...she started to get a little antsy at the end but she did fine. one little cavity that the dentist said it has not grown since her last visit and would like to keep an eye on it. it most likely will go away in time.

 Wednesday....maya's student-led conference... this one for some reason was extra fun. got to see her art and home ec classes and what she's been up to.  these two classes are her faves (and they were mine too back in the day!).

i don't get to take photos with my Zumba students because...well i forget to.....yikes!  this was after my Friday class and just taking a quick one with Vivian, one of my students.  she rocks and so does her mom (who was at work at the time)!  i love my Z peepZ!

Friday...we tried Indian food for the very first time at Bombay Deluxe Restaurant.  had the tandoori chicken ( a bit overcooked but very tasteful).  and selene loved the naan bread too!

the only scrapping i did this weekend: cut out from a Zumba shoe box,
from an Ipsy envelope, slap them all on a white textured yardstick.......
and there you have it, a layout...although i never bothered to adhere them.

saturday...morning... de-cluttered my container... got rid of some brads i no longer needed and kept the basic colors, b&w, all the silver, gold and copper ones.  then added my wooden veneers, metal embellies and other trinkets i know i'll use in my future projects.  aaah it felt good to rid of the old. that same morning taught my Zumba Saturday class here on base (JBER, AK) and man oh man, PACKED HOUSE!  53 students!  2 sign in sheets, front & back!  aaa-oo!  what a great morning!


...then used up selene's claire gift cards at the dimond mall, window shopping at best buy (planning to buy a fitbit performance as my polar watch sucks now) and dinner at chili's.

we ended last night with a few episodes of breaking bad and i blog surfed for a bit.

then.... i gave in to the planner bandwagon...well really i realized i need one as using my iPhone just was not efficient, only for scheduling appointments, daily events, but not for to do lists and future planning purposes.  so... i got this....

a simple stories carpe diem planner!  along with some other accessories:   a 6-hole puncher,

Bookmark W/Sticky NotesCarpe Diem Plastic Bookmarks 3/Pkg, and Carpe Diem A5 Plastic Zippered Storage Pouch.  

i had done some research on youtube and found that this was pretty much the best one.  and from what i see, i can see why.  it had great reviews on amazon, which i rely on a bunches.  can hardly wait to get it along with the goodies.  i am not planning to buy all the other stuff, since i have supplies of my own.  but the ones i may in the future are the dividers and the daily inserts.  i wanna see first how it goes and I'm sure it will awesome.  waiting impatient.  LOL.

today:  taught my Zumba Sunday class and one of my JBER students came too!; playtime for Selene at the Arctic Oasis Community Center, commissary and lastly, i'm here right now at the airport waiting to pick up Maiya. 

well this starbucks lemon pound cake is right in front of me waiting to be devoured...  drooling as a i type this.  gotta go . xoxo.

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