Wednesday, February 17, 2016

LOVE 12.26.15 + US

oh my goodness....  i was uploading photos from my canon and discovered that i forgot to post this layout that i did beginning of january....

it's been a long time since i've done a "LOVE __.__.__" layout.  did this one for my 44th birthday of instax photos of my family during the celebration at sushisushi <--- after="" all="" and="" because="" by="" can="" cocoa="" daisy="" decluttering="" did="" easily="" find="" from="" happy="" i="" kits.="" love="" m="" nbsp="" now="" old="" p="" place="" re-organizing="" so="" stuff="" supplies="" supply="" that="" them="" to="" trying="" type.="" up="" use="" used="">
and another more recent layout.... "US"

again, here old supplies from cocoa daisy kits + ali edwards story kit and stamp set "old & new".

i'm starting to do more white space in my layouts.  i just love the cleaner look of it + i do them faster when don't go all over the page...duh.   my fave parts of this one is the photos (of course) + the stamped frame around them.  i really like AE's tiny word stamps for this purpose and i see myself using them elsewhere too, project life and for when I travel this summer ( many times have i mentioned this before?  shit... i should someday count it...LOL!).

simplicity = progress.  hey, that's my one little word!  HEEHEE.... speaking of OLW for this month... i have been doing alright with the prompt (this month's = practice).  i have missed 4 days and that's ok because other shit (mostly the good) has been going and takes over. plus it's nice to have to do it once in awhile.  but i do love the fact that i'm starting to document my Zumba choreography with this month's prompt.  got something to reference to and being inspired for future moves.  once the month is over, don't worry...i'll share the layouts from my OLW album.

well got a lot on today's agenda:  drop off Maiya at school, Selene's gymnastics, maiya's school conference, come home and prep dinner, Maiya's "beauty" appointment (okay, she's gonna kill me...she gets waxed...ok?), then lastly...i teach my Zumba class here at the base.

FULL day. woot! love it! ....xoxo.

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