Monday, October 31, 2011


me & my lil boo went to the mall yesterday.
we bought her a cute lil shirt from sears.
had some see's candies:  2 key lime pies and 2 walnut squares...yumm-o!
went and did lots of window shopping at various stores.
it was kinda fun especially with my lil boo.
our last stop was at one of my favez...
new york & company.
they've quite improved their  yummy clothes as years gone by.
i remember them from seattle, but they closed them all down in seattle.
but here in CA...
they're open!

here's a few beauties that caught my eye (taken with my droid; love how they have that lil haziness to them)...
well they caught my lil boo'z 1st who knows my taste...

 this one was my fave.

 love the graphics of this sign.
might use on a scrap page someday.
or have i already?

 my 2nd fave outfit

 me & my lil boo in front the huge mirror with signage on it.

if i were still working...
i'd wear all these lovelies.

maybe i still can even at home.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

this one's for my mama

i've been meaning to post this card...
blame it on laziness and forgetfulness...
doesn't everybody get that way?
you're lying if you say no!

i used a ribbon, a sassfras pp, and tag from a cocoa daisy kit.
did some punching and tone-on-tone too.
and of course i always, always deck out the inside too.

here it is...

i had made a little boo boo with the stamp in the kit on the front of the card.
i was hoping to stamp it on heavy, but it just was not working.
then again..
i made it work as a subtle accent behind the tag.
oh well.
mistakes happen and then they end up working out.

i'm hoping to share a layout soon.
not quite done with it.
i thought i was but everytime i looked at....
it didn't feel "complete."
so right now it's just sleeping on my craft table.
i needed to let it sleep and get some rest from my hands.
i'll be waking it up soon though!
stay tuned.

Monday, October 24, 2011

#2 of 2

today is our 2nd anniversary of our 2nd wedding ceremony.
yes we got married 2x.
1st in a civil ceremony on 3/15/2009.
then on 10/24/2009 (after my hubby got back from 6-month deployment).

here's some photos from our 2nd ceremony that i never got to post....

usually WA state is pretty cloudy and rainy around this time...
but something just said, "hey this day...this day is gonna be sunny with the bluest skies."

photos taken by lowell mooney.

a friend of mine helped decorate the reception area.
yes.... those are carnations!
i don't care what anyone says!
carnations are beautiful!
so there!
i created all the tags, layouts for the wedding.
that was fun to do!
i would do all over again.
even the wedding.
it was one of the most fun days of my life.

happy anniversary babez.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

....and she sits

selene started sitting, by herself, with no help from us, yesterday (10/21/2011).

this one was taken by my lovely lil baby boo, maiya:

next step...


coming soon.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

this was on "love 9.4.2011"

i love taking photobooth pix with my family at the mall.
this is when we do get a chance to.
and we did during the labor day weekend while we were visiting family.
it was just the 3 of us, me, my hubby, and selene.
finally did a layout on it too.
used the cocoa daisy "farmer's market" kit for this one.

and of course the lovely dittiez....

this was a fun 1 to do.
love the cocoa daisy stamp.
stamped it randomly on the american crafts pp.
then filled a few of them with prima crystals and punched circles.
i love circles!
so used my circle punches and adhered them in straight lines along the page with the crystals.
the final touch was the doodling around the punched borders.
love that sharpie pen/marker combo!

did this LO just for the fun of it and to document this time together.
i'll be doing more "fun of it" LO's in the future.
no more deadlines for design teams for awhile.
just doing it for fun, fun, fun.


Friday, October 14, 2011

{ 6 months }

she turned 6 months this past april 9th.
she is now over 14 lbs and over 25 inches long.
and is as healthy and happy as can be!
of course she has her little times when she's a bit cranky b/c she's tired...
but for the most part...
she laughs, smiles, yells, bubbles.

love you lubby dubby!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

a galore of....

some stuff i have been meaning to share.
yes it took me awhile...
better late than never, i say.

some scrappy-card-lovin'....

birthday cards....(for last month)...

for my sis jo:

for my bro-in-law, rey:

and for my hubby, jesse:

for my nephew, rj:

and lastly, for our neighbor's newborn:

i used mostly kits from cocoa daisy for the 1st four cards.
and used an echo park packet i got awhile back from michelle quinn of amm for an rak i did for her.
the rest i used my nifty punches that i always turn to.
and a sharpie pen/marker and my uniball signo pens.
my fave toolz to use in my stuff.

hoping to share a layout soon...
well as soon as i start it...
and as soon as i finish it.
i promise i will.

well off to do some house cleaning with my lil boo.
she's such a wonderful helper.