Monday, October 31, 2011


me & my lil boo went to the mall yesterday.
we bought her a cute lil shirt from sears.
had some see's candies:  2 key lime pies and 2 walnut squares...yumm-o!
went and did lots of window shopping at various stores.
it was kinda fun especially with my lil boo.
our last stop was at one of my favez...
new york & company.
they've quite improved their  yummy clothes as years gone by.
i remember them from seattle, but they closed them all down in seattle.
but here in CA...
they're open!

here's a few beauties that caught my eye (taken with my droid; love how they have that lil haziness to them)...
well they caught my lil boo'z 1st who knows my taste...

 this one was my fave.

 love the graphics of this sign.
might use on a scrap page someday.
or have i already?

 my 2nd fave outfit

 me & my lil boo in front the huge mirror with signage on it.

if i were still working...
i'd wear all these lovelies.

maybe i still can even at home.

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