Monday, February 15, 2016

da partay..... Zumba style!

woot!  aaa-oo!  it was a great weekend!

i started out with a Zumba Pre-Valentine's Day Party here at JBER at the Elmendorf Gym.  i did this party all by myself!  it was such a great success!  and almost everyone wore either red, pink and/or white.  there was LOTS of pink!  it was so pretty!  i had 53 students total (could have been more, but this is how many signed in and i forgot to do a physical count)!!!!!  53!!!!  here's a few snapshots...

i love my Z peepZ!  (not everyone shown here!  there was a whole lot
more who either had to leave early or were by the side)

had to take a goofy one coZ that's my style!

SOOOO FUN!!!!!  and everyone enjoyed themselves!  so so happy that it turned out AWESOME!  it was fun doing the decor too!  so proud of myself for pulling this off solo!  AAA-OO!

i just got word that my ali edwards' story stamp kit (this months theme:  CRAFT) is on its way!!!!  can hardly wait to play with it and i'm planning to use it for this Zumba  party i just had.  it is gonna go perfect for this event/layout either on a scrap page and/or my project life album..... wish it was here now!  you should totally subscribe to both the kit and stamp's so worth it, money wise and space-wise.  i am definitely bringing them along when we travel this summer!!!!

i'll be sharing in a post after this one some of the valentine's day cards and a layout i created recently. i am on a roll!  stay tuned..very soon!

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