Monday, March 28, 2016

this was what's up..

busy times.....spring break one week and last some scrapping time in between (in the next post)...and of course zumba in between that... (warning:  photo overload of the past days since my last post)...

ashley coming home for her spring break / lunch at phonatiks
time for some sledding at the abandoned dyea ski rental area

happy mail...oh so happy
love doing advertisements for my Zumba gigs
i'm a planner...and i love my carpe diem planner... wink!
zumba time: did 2 songs - bailame & flex at veronica's class for
the buckner gym expansion.
had to get funky goofy afterwards...
this one is my fave... me & tra.
me & my girls - late lunch at olive garden, then a movie
easter egg hunt and easter fun day at arctic oasis CC

love the fact that there was a Photo Booth! 
our last day with ashley before she flies out the next morning.
dinner at the hard rock cafe.

family of
omg...this grilled chicken chop salad was da bomb!
mac & cheese attack....
family of 5 feetsie style. 
5th Ave Mall

the alaska club hop scotch in the adorable.
...and that's all folks... next post will be about my creativity time with paper and stuff. lata my playaz.

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