Thursday, May 13, 2010

look what i did this morning....

here's the inside:
and for my signature (w/c i always put in the back of my cards w/ punched butterflies):

this is a birthday card for my's coming up..happy birthday mom/mimi!  i used papers from a scrapbook kit one of my co-workers got me as a going-away gift.

here's a card  i did awhile back for my bro's graduation for the National Guard:
so proud of him!  used pretty much American Crafts for this one.

i pretty much have been taking pix all day of my everyday stuff...thinking about doing a little project for it too.  but today i'm also gonna at least organize my photos in a photobox, spend maybe an hour doing it, gotta do it little by little.  then maybe take some inventory photos of one of our rooms since i was not able to do it yesterday like i planned.  i decided to change my plans at the last minute and went to my work's bbq recognition celebration.  and i'm glad i did b/c i had so much fun....there was a band playing, some talented...never knew we had some american idolz in our group.  took some photos too...
i'm gonna miss working must go on.

tfl!  gonna get a snack...i'm feeling kinda hungry to my tummy!

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