Friday, December 30, 2011

bokeh, red velvet, & a lil boo

i love the bokeh technique.
i guess i had been doing it for quite sometime but didn't realize it.
didn't realize it was called "bokeh" to be quite honest.
hey at least i'm telling the truth and not acting like i know everything.

here's some i'd like to share:

xmas day bokeh...

sissie bokeh (that's my sis Jo!)...

apple bokeh...

fruit bokeh (at my good friend's, Anh's place)...

eggroll & pork noodle bowl bokeh...
anh made this for me while i came to visit.
i hadn't had REAL vietnamese food in soooooo long!
and it...was...yumm-o!
gained a pound or 2 with almost 2 bowls of it.
it was worth it.

and i have to share this...
this was one of the best red velvet cakes i've ever had.
a very small slice of it.
and can you believe it was made for kfc (by cafe valley)????
well it was and it was divinely yumm-o!

i did not feel guilty either!

and my lil boo, maiya, is coming home tomorrow morning...

i can hardly wait!


i haven't had a chance to scrap anything lately with the busy holidays.
i brought a scrapbook kit along with me here in lacey.
but i just haven't had a chance to use it.
i don't have any glue, so gotta buy some sometime soon.
i'm getting scrappy withdrawals.
hoping to share something someday before we go back to cali.
we'll see.

have a fun one!

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