Saturday, July 7, 2012

life is therapy with a bonus's an ongoing thing ya know.
i'm glad that i've been keeping up doing this photo-a-day thing.
i do really good with a guide as opposed to doing it on my own like i tried last year.

so here's day 1 thru today...

i haven't done one in awhile.
i think it's because i've been wanting to lose weight and just felt icky trying to take one until this day.
i've been running 3-4x/wk, doing zumba 2x/wk, abs and other weight training stuff to tone up.
i don't know how much i've lost but i can tell the difference.
i can now wear a bikini.
bought one the day before 4th of july.
and got to wear it...good!

we were busy sightseeing at the santa monica pier...
before we had lunch at bubba gump's...
before we went to the beach.
that was a fun day w/ family (my hubby's sis and her fam)....

"best part of my day"
date night with my hubby...
we had dinner at the yardhouse.
appetizers of buffalo wings and boy those were good and spice hot!
i had the peppered gorgonzola burger..
and he had the swordfish soft tacos
i drank a mango mojito
while hubby had the house pale ale brew.
everything was yumm-o!
then we headed of all places...
to verizon to check on new phones.
i got an iPhone and he the Razor.
then we pretty much played with our phones while we chilled and drank wine & beer at black angus.
but at least we got to spend some time alone together.
no kiddos!

hubby showing our niece kristin his skateboarding skillz...

2 pairs of cutsies feetsies in the kitchen hallway...

a beach chair at drytown waterpark in palmdale.
that was so much fun.
i went on one of the slides with our daughter ashley.
but i have to admit, my fave was the lazy pool.
i just like the current slowly carrying you thru and ya don't have to do too much work!
after the waterpark, we were all hungry for some souplantation.
that was definitely the right move.

i don't garden, i don't water plants...
i don't have a green thumb, plants die in this household.
but luckily i've got some lil gardners who water this money tree.

lovely lil gardeners, arent they doin a great job?

hoping to get some scrapping done or at least organizing photos this weekend.
we'll see.

oh i do have something scrappy to share...
just a sneak for now..
post it in whole laterz....
for someone special to us....

used the june cocoa daisy kit for this one.

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