Sunday, July 22, 2012

my 1st mini vacay..."me time"

i did it!
i checked into the embassy suites last night in palmdale for some much needed "me time" vacation.
felt guilty at 1st and was a bit nervous leaving my fam and not being with them.
i got thru it and i'm so happy i did it.
the room was really nice, actually a 2-room with a king size bed.

the 1st room, living/dining...

the kitchenette & dining/scrap room...heehee

the bedroom...hmmm doesn't really look king size...oh well!

the bathroom was a really nice the crabtree & evelyn products!

cool view of lobby from my floor...

surfing the net after a run on the treadmill & a complimentary breakfast...
i brought along some of my scrap stuff.
i created one card and 2 layouts...
here's a sneaky peeky...

1st a bday card...

2nd, the 1st layout...

3rd, the 2nd layout...

scrapped a lil over 6 hours w/ tiny breaks while watching movies on showtime.
also got some uploading of a bunch of photos to snapfish at the same time.
got some starbucks and darn it the dang thang kept me awake til 2 a.m.!
oh well!
went for a treadmill run, a short one of 1.60 miles in the hotel's fitness center.
then had their complimentary breakfast.
showered up, make-up...
chilled in the room, while uploading more photos, editing photos, surfing blogs while watching the SATC marathon...
lunch at panera bread (had the mediterranean veggies sandwich & black bean soup).
maybe walk around the mall (big maybe!)..
head over to starbucks, maybe.
then drive to burbank to pick up maiya from the airport.
she comes home tonight!!!!
more fun in the summer with her!

i see another "me time" vacay in the future.
in the wayyyyy future....
because i really miss my family.

thank you hubby for letting me do this.
i love you.

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