Thursday, January 20, 2011

sun + cupcakes + baby stuff

i'm in my 7th month of preggo-ness.
a sudden change in sleepy time too.
i wake every so often then go back to sleep.
but lately the past 2 weeks, i've been having a hard time with it.
it's getting more uncomfy at night to sleep nowadays.
i've been finding myself taking some mornings naps right after i drop off my lil boo at school.
what a change.
my mom called this morning too to see how i'm doing.
she said yup, this is time you'll get more tiredsome.
i do remember going thru something like this w/ lil boo too.
but i am trying my best to exercise when i can.
been listening to my body, my limits.
can hardly wait til this lil bun is out of the oven.


sharing some photo love from the past few days...

1-18, sunny afternoon with a dried out tree in front of our house,'s beautiful:

1-19, some yummo, purple cupcakes (my lil boo created the yummo color!)....oh yeah!:

1-20, today, did some laundry, especially baby stuff.  forgot how tiny they can be, but oh so cute:

my niece picked out the polka dot and the ruffled ones...
she's got great style!

much love.

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