Friday, January 28, 2011

lil thangz are yum....

it's friday!
aren't you happy?
i am!

on a very happy note, here are some yumm-o lil thangz that matter to me...

i know i have already shared one for 1-24, but here's another one just b/c they were yumm-o:

a nice bowl of some red, juicy, sweet-tart cherries.

1-25, my bump and my size 5 lil feetsies in cute flats my sissie bought awhile back for me:

1-26, candles w/ a fresh scent always puts me in a cheerful mood:

1-27, some new try-outs on some new recipes, orange-balsamic glazed chicken and then lemon risotto:

ya gotta try these, omigosh, unbelievably yumm-o!

1-28, saving the best for last for this post....dropping off my lil boo at school...she's been into ponytails and hair buns lately:

well i'm off to watch a lil tv, take a nap and put in some scrappy time.

happy happy joy joy.

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