Tuesday, January 11, 2011

a sneak peek into daily life

oh my...
it's been awhile since i've posted, huh?
as soon as we got back from washington, i just had to relax.
relax back into the routine life in cali.
relax from bloggin'.
relax from a long trip which tired me out.
it's gotten more difficult to fly by plane being that i'm preggo.
doctor has now restricted air travel for me.
i can still drive.
well i have to...
to get to my ob appointments...
to get away from edwards for a bit.
i've had to push back the driver's seat a notch, b/c the bump is bumpin the steering wheel.
i may have to push it back again, a notch and then two laters.
more than that, i won't be able to reach the pedal!

anyway, why was i posting in the first place????
oh yeah!
i gotta share a few thangz with you.
a sneaky peeky...
then some daily photos from my 365 project joint.

1st up...a sneak into my latest project for ScrapTiffany:
this was a fun one to do.
especially since it had some great photos too...cute onez!

and here'z my 365:

1-2, hanging w/ ris & jo, my bff's, in tukwila, wa at southcenter mall:

1-3, at seatac airport w/ my lil boo while we wait for our flight back to cali (wearing our black suede boots):

1-4, a chocolate craving, meltaway hershey's kisses, yumm-o:

1-5, a lazy day with just me:

1-6, a nice view down of the bump:

1-7, a yumm-o lunch of garlic shrimp and jasmine rice, another preggo craving:

1-8, the drive before heading to palmdale...these are the lake beds as you get out of edwards afb:

1-9, i finally got to frame one of my fave lo's in a shadow box (my hubby got for me for xmas):

1-10, a moment of silence for the victims of the arizona shooting tragedy:

1-11, love the reflection of the mountains against the lake beds as i was on my way back home from doing a glucose test:

i was thinking of doing the whole 365 b & w...
but then, i thought...
why restrict myself.

i'm gonna try my best to post my 365 on a daily basis.
if i don't, no worries.
i'll get to posting them no matter what.

have a good one until next time!


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