Thursday, December 24, 2015

almost a year...what a record? LOL!

oh my!  it's been almost a year since my last post...  bad jenn!   life has been extremely busy.  i have been teaching more Zumba almost everyday, subbing and my own classes.   the girls' activities have also been on my calendar as well.  gymnastics, volleyball, etc.  but now i get these next 4 days off!  especially since it's my 44th birthday this saturday!  i'm so excited!

i have not scrapbooked anything not even a card for almost 5-7 months...and i'm not sure exactly when and what...i think it was my girlfriend's going away album that i made for her...and i think i deleted those photos...shoot!  (no pun intended)  but i recently got so inspired at my hubby's squadron's holiday party last week...

so i started blog surfing some of my fave scrappers/project lifers... ali edwards, amanda zampelli, rachel name a few to get inspiration.  i'm also participating ali's one little word 2016 to jumpstart my creativity and to start of the new year on a good scrappy note.

after all this blog stalking... i mean surfing... i decided to do a day in the life album too....had over 40 photos but chose only 35 of them...not all of course are shown here...just wanted to show my fave layouts in the album...

i used the project life midnight edition core kit.  this is one of my fave pl kits.  I have a collection of PL kits but i seem to go back to this one (and the seafoam kit too!).  they are just more neutral in color and tone, so versatile.  plus i am changing my approach to doing PL now, more the minimalistic way.  this is not to say i won't use my other kits...wink! goal is to start focusing and doing my PL albums, and finish them!  right now, i'm still working on my PL 2013 and am doing lots of layouts for may & june '13.  i have a printer that can print photos, but it gets costly with the ink.  so whenever snapfish & shutterfly have photo print sales, i go for it!

i'm still working on uploading and sometimes editing photos for 2015.  i'm gonna be doing april soon.  yes, i'm that behind.  oh well, it will get done, on my time.  i so admire those who are doing current PL's, just hasn't been that way for me with my schedule.  I haven't even done a scrap page, which i miss doing, in soooo long!  blame it on Zumba!  hahahhaha...

i have had a busy Zumba teaching schedule the past 2 months now... but it will be one class less in january 2016, a nice break (but man i love to teach!)

BUT.... i did some scrapping during the first half of this year...

wow!  only 2 scrap pages and the rest cards... pretty good for someone who hasn't scrapped in awhile.   

i traditionally do a birthday layout either the day/night before or the morning of my birthday.  and yes...i'm doing one!  i have 2 photos printed out and the supplies i plan on using for it. i plan on using about 5 different cocoa daisy kits for it.  i am thinking i'm going to keep it simple this time.  i usually go all out but like i said before, i am gonna try to be a minimalist this time, something different.  in fact, i think i may start it after this post.  lol!

for 2016 i hope:
  • to keep teaching Zumba 
  • finish up my 2013 PL album
  • start up a PL album for selene's 0 to 5 (maiya has one for 0 to 8 yrs)
  • scrap a page or a card every other month
  • keep up with my blog posts
  • pass my ACE personal trainer certification in May 2016
  • be a better military spouse (especially now that hubby has recently ranked up)
  • keep improving on being a better mom & wife too (there's alway room for improvement, if you say not so, then you're lying to yourself)
a few things i want to do next year...not a long list but these are things that do take time....and i can hardly wait to tackle them.

what have you been up to?

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