Tuesday, December 3, 2013

wtf...it's been 5 months!!!

it's been way too long!
i haven't been blogged since july.
let's see to sum it up...
we moved to alaska and we're loving it.
it's real winter here folks!
real snow, real cold, real lovin' it.
what have i been up to these past months?
well i'm finally finalizing my scrap area...
so just maybe i can get back into scrappin.
i have been studying for my ACE group fitness certification and will be taking the exam in february.
been doing zumba lots and lots.
been teaching a few songs during other ladies' zumba classes.
trying to zumba network and it's worked.
met some wonderful Z galz.
gonna be a full-time zumba instructor starting january 2014 at the arctic oasis community center at the base.
i guess you could say i have been so zumba-focused.
also been busy at home, always doing something.

well it's picture time.
haven't been taking as many as i used to but i still take when i can....

some of my Z girls and me after the zumbathon (my 1st ever!)

found this pic while doing some organizing...

found this one too, me & my bff
hoping to get back into blogging, scrapping, project life.
time will tell.

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