Saturday, January 2, 2010

2010....drum roll please....

well it's officially a new yr!  isn't it great?  lol!  my hubz just dropped off our lil one and he'z on his way back except he's got stop over @ portland, 3 hr layover, yuck!  she'll be back at the the end of march for spring break.  it'll be here once we know it!  time has been going by sooooo fast!

anyway, i don't make resolutions, but i do try to make new goals for myself and try my best to accomplish them.  here it goes:

- lose 10 lbs by this summer
- make sure to spend more time with the family before June
- get published scrapwise
- post on my blog more often
- join a design team
- take on a few scrap challenges (i did once last yr on pencillines)
- jog more
- get my house rented it out by feb or march
- go to a CK conference in CA (we're moving there the end of June)
- keep making my hubz happy
- spend more QT with maiya
- keep in touch w/ friends better even if it means doing it on fb, email, my blog, phone calls, etc..just do it!
- keep scrappin of course!
- get a new job by Sept
- start trying to have a baby *wink!* late this yr
- scrap scrap scrap  heehee (had to put that in again)
- organize my pictures and save them on CD's
- organize my scrap space

well it's more than i thought...hmmm...aiming to accomplish the majority of course!  what r ur goals for this yr and beyond?

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