Tuesday, March 6, 2012

92 years young

this past sunday we celebrated my grandpa's 92nd birthday.
we headed over to sun city to meet up with familyat my grandparents's home.

sharing some birthday love photos, love the randomness...

grandpa & his grandkids & great-grandkidz...woh!!!

taking pix of the paparazzi family...lol

grandpa & his kidz

my fave dishes: mom'z macaroni salad & my cousin mich'elle's mixed berry salad, and of course my pasta (no picture taken =(, but it was a hit!!!)

hmmm...who's that w/ bomb ass perm!?!?  lol...

me & my parents, my sis & bro right in the middle of this, old skewl.

happy 92nd birthday grandpa/great-grandpa!
love the sunsets in CA...aaaahhhh...

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