Tuesday, March 13, 2012

eat with a fork & a sign of love

here's day 12 & 13...

i ate w/ a "fork" last night for dinner...
grilled sirloin steak w/ a lemon-anchovy butter and some broccoli & onions on the side...
got the recipe from Cooking Light's March issue.
and some potato gnocchi a touch of butta & parmesan cheese.
oh so yumm-o.
but i do have admit i could have cooked the steak maybe 1 minute under.
but still, i thought it was pretty darn tasty...

and finally "a sign" of love...

this is from a going-away present from my parents.
it's got our 2nd wedding ceremony pic with raised tone-on-tone sentiments.

watching the oprah next chapter about whitney houston.
gonna do some laundry, maybe put in some scrappy time, vacuum.
then a dental appointment this p.m.

uh-oh, i'm smelling sumthin sumthin...
gotta change a poopy diaper.

see ya!

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