Thursday, March 1, 2012

1st of the month

okay, gonna try this out too...

have you heard of NaBloPoMo?
i ran into just recently.

so this is my 1st post for march.
it works out too b/c i'm also doing the photo-a-day for this month too.
all you have to do is post every single day for the month of march.

i'll have to post my day 1 photo a little later.
i'll try my best to best them daily.
but if life gets in the way or i just plain forget...
i'll make sure to post it as a batch on another day.
how about that?

one more day til my hubz comez from school in alabama.
as i post this...he's packing right now.
i wish he could come tonight, but he's got graduation in the a.m. tomorrow.
i'll have to wait til tomorrow nite!
can hardly wait!
i miss my hubz!

i'm soooo excited!

since this is not a post with a "photo" i'll leave you with this video...
this is one of my and maiya's fave songs at the moment...

well this day hasn't exactly a lazy one...but i do have timez when i feel like that.
and i'm not ashamed of it either!

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Ginger Tea said...

He's so funny on this video!!! I like him here!

Ginger of Ginger Tea