Saturday, March 24, 2012

gulp gulp gulp

day 24 photo-a-day share, "an animal"
we use to have 2 animals in this home.
but unfortunately it didn't quite work out with the dog =(
so now we only have our 2 oscar fish....
(the other one is hiding behind this one, i guess he's kinda shy)...

sorry for the reflection from the aquarium.
oh well.

today is a full day of clean the house a bit and homework.
laundry too, w/c is my FAVE thang to do...NOT!

one more day til our ashley comes home.
she's flying in tomorrow a.m.!!!!

oh yeah...
my week in my life album is complete...finally!
not sure if i ever shared a sneak...
did i?
well here's one...

i'll share more as soon as i take some pix of it, k?

and a video to start the day, chosen by my one and only lil boo, maiya...

happy saturday.

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